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Friday, October 21, 2011

A Copper Lining

How many photos does it take to get to the bottom of my outfit?  Too many.

After several wonderful days of outside runs I was forced inside thanks to the plummeting temperatures and heavy rain.  It was honestly a nice break from pushing the jogger and negotiating with LBM about how much faster I should be able to run so it can be his turn to run.  I also got the opportunity to wear my Tommie Copper calf sleeves for the longest run yet, 12 miles.

I have been lucky enough to have several piece of Compression wear from Tommie Copper to review over the past few weeks.  I have been wearing the compression shirt under my tops at work.  Before I switched shoes and my heel/ankle started aching I had been wearing my ankle sleeves in the evenings and through the night.  I even wore my knee and calf sleeves at the same time during and after several runs to test how they compared to my typical brand of compression wear.

I wish Tommie Copper came in styles like S'ghetti Girl's socks.
I was feeling a little T while rocking calf sleeves AND a skirt!

Calf and Knee Sleeves:  After having the opportunity to wear the calf and knee sleeves in both recovery and running situations in my experience I felt a boost of energy from the compression while running and I enjoyed the compression of my tired muscles post workout.  The level of compression is not like what I am used to wearing and at first I felt both sleeves were not tight enough however after having them on for a while the compression seemed more noticeable.  I give both these items a thumbs up.  They will be a part of my regular running/recovery wear.
Ankle Sleeve:  I loved this.  Maybe because I used it and my ankle/heel stopped talking.  Positive results often favor a positive review.  Whether it was the copper, the compression or a coincidence I know that before I started wearing the ankle sleeves my mornings were filled with tender slow steps due to my sore ankle/heel.  But after using the sleeves two nights, bye bye sore ankle/heel.  I give the ankle sleeve huge thumbs up and a permanent place in my daily routine.
Compression Shirt:  Just as a positive result garners a positive review, a non-result garners a blah reveiw.  This piece may just have been a bad fit for my body.  Even with my unwelcomed extra pounds the medium that I received just wasn't snug.  It did however want to curl up at the bottom which caused me to be continually pulling it down.  So an item I wanted to wear and be invisible to others kept drawing attention to it's self.  I did not wear this to run as I mentioned the rolling up issue.  Whether there was any benefit to wearing the shirt I have yet to realize one but I do think with my positive result with the other items had this one fit properly I may have noticed more of an effect.  I give this item a question mark.  You'll have to decide for yourself on this one.  This item will probably not make the cut for my regular wear.  Although I will probably give it another try when I work through Insanity again.  Everything deserves a second chance, right?
Over all, I loved the products that fit my body and feel that they helped support me in my active lifestyle.

What piece of Tommie Copper compression would you like to try out?

Do you think rainy days have copper silver linings or do they just ruin your plans?


  1. Since I'm still having trouble with my knee and my calves are always tight (although so much better now that I've incorporated stretching!) I think I would lean towards trying the calf and knee sleeves.

  2. Head to toe copper! Glad you like it..nice to have that to fall back on when you have tired muscles.

  3. I really like the TC gear - I actually still need to write my review :) Thanks for the reminder! I like the calf sleeves

  4. I have the compression sleeves that Kara gave me, I need to try them out! Glad you like them!

    I don't mind running in the rain if it's warm out, but cold + rain is no fun. Plus if there's thunder, I'm out. I don't have a treadmill, so I'm SOL.

  5. I want to try them I've heard good things, just not in the budget. Maybe I'll get some for Christmas!!

  6. So glad you like them!! They have gotten so many great reviews. I would love to try out something for my knee...yup, only one knee needs help.

  7. I love rainy days. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy!

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