Daily Chatter

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Cup Runth Over

Yesterday I was talking about my glass being half full...or empty.  Sometimes it just depends on the day or the hour of the day but that was the topic.  So it was a thrill to find out that I...little ole me, is going to be featured on Another Mother Runner in their Follow this Mother post.
How ironic is it that of all days they will be featuring me on my 900th running streak day. 
Just when I was feeling a little down about my conditioning for this Sunday's 50k at Fire on the Mountain I finally get outside in the woods to reconnect with those "at home" feelings.
And I get a wonderful email saying that I will be featured on a blog by the authors behind Run Like a Mother and Train Like a Mother.  How amazing is that?!  I'm beginning to think that Sunday might just be a great running day for me after all.  With all this positive energy dare I say that that master's title might be mine again. 
Whether or not a title is won come this Sunday I am just giddy to know that a little bit of this obsession crazy love interest I have is helping others know that they can do what they never dared to try before.  Because all those years ago who would have ever thought that this middle Smith girl would ever be able to say, "oh yeah, ultra trail races.  I run those."


  1. How cool is that?!?! Dimity lives nearby me :), and SBS paced me a couple miles at the Portland Marathon in 2009. What a great inspiration you will bring for the post! :)

  2. Cool, sounds like it'll be a great feature!

  3. Just found you via AMR and am so glad they featured you. I can't wait to read about Fire on the Mountain.

  4. Nice! Good luck with FOTM. I was considering it, but I'm running a small VHTRC race, Halloweeny Fat Ass 50K. It will be my last long run before Stone Mill 50.

    1. James I will see you at Stone Mill! At least once the sun comes up. Enjoy your 50k. Wearing a costume?

  5. You BAMR you! What a kick to see you on AMR this morning. I thought: I know, I mean READ, Shelly all the time! (And I have the same long sleeve pink YMX shirt :)