Daily Chatter

Monday, October 22, 2012

I Dare You!

Yes it is that time again. 
Time for you to make that feeble attempt to beat me in the HBBC 2012
As you may know I have done fairly well every year.  Mostly because I am
a mileage whore seriously competitive.
But this year could be your chance because now that I am in  my new digs in VA, I may not be able to stick to my usual fall workout schedule.  So far I haven't been doing very well and with a less than reliable treadmill, a often gone hubby and a little guy that sometimes over rules my daily mileage, this could be the year that you put me in my HBBC place. 
Make sure you tell Amanda that I sent you when you sign up.  And even though I'll be out to win it all, I will make sure to encourage you along the way too.  Because it's a lot more fun doing all the right things when you know you are not the only one doing them. 
So whether you sign up to kick my butt or kick your own, click over and register.  Tell Amanda that Shelly at One foot in Front of the Other sent you and get ready to begin for some serious healthy habit come November 19th.
Look out HBBC I'm ready for you!


  1. woot your first official referral came through!

    1. Yipee! I hope I can cheer on a whole group. Some much more fun to make it through the holidays when friends to help keep us accountable.

  2. Hmmm I'm scared November 19th is two days after both of our 50 milers! AKA I'll barely be able to move! And your weekly mileage is ridic.