Daily Chatter

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Snow Day, Bad Math and Winning the Lottery

The alarm went off this morning like every other school day but to my surprise we had about 3 inches of snow!  And if you know anything about Virgina and snow, you know that in Virgina
snow = NO SCHOOL!

An unexpected snow day was just what we all needed!  It was so cold outside that the snow a light and fluffy.  Great for staying dry while you played outside but not so good for building snowmen.  The kids and I enjoyed some of the white stuff before I even got my morning run completed.   

I had been eager to run today because I started the day thinking it was my 1000th day of streaking.  Amagine my surprise when I started entering my run and gathering my totals for a 1000th day blog post only to see I was only at day 991. 

Speaking of surprises, you may remember the post HERE where I told you all that the super secret spy was going to try to get into a 50k in February.  Well it happened.  We both won the lottery and got in.  So did my pacer for MMT, Diane!  In about a month hubby and I will be running the Hashawha Hills 50k.  You can read about my 2012 experience HERE.  I couldn't be more excited for him to join me on the trails.  It is going to be an exciting month as he shifts his workout routine to prepare for the challenges of a trail ultra.  I know that he will be able to go the distance.  I can only hope that he will love the journey of getting from the start to the finish.


  1. The snow was pretty fluffy! No snowmen though, oh well, maybe next time.

    Congrats to you and the hubby for getting in, that's awesome! Good luck to both of you! Oh and your pacer Diane!

    I was thinking of doing a trail half marathon in May, but I'm super nervous!

  2. I will be at Hashawha too! But not running :( My husband and a few friends got in but I didn't. So I will be supporting everyone.
    Good luck to your husband!

  3. Wow, I can't even begin to imagine running that many miles. Good for you!


  4. Enjoy racing with your hubby; that's fun that you get to race together!