Daily Chatter

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Something New

Could you believe that weather yesterday?  Well at least on the East coast it was AH-mazing!  I could have lived outside all day long.  In fact I had a hard time coming inside to make supper.  That mild evening air kept me lingering on the deck playing Ruzzle.  Did I mention I am addicted to Ruzzle?  Yeah, thanks a lot Biking Sherpa who introduced me to it at our annual bowling party.  Anyway I was sitting on the deck just breathing in the air until well past the kids are going to die if I don't feed them soon time.  But who can blame me with 60 degree temperatures at the end of January.
Now if my phone hadn't gotten a new update this is where you'd see a nice photo of me after my run or maybe a calm shot of how green it is or a beautiful sunny meadow shot but you won't be seeing that today because like I said my phone got an update and now I can't get the stupid photos off my phone!.  And of course I haven't dug out an actual camera in well, a really long time.
When is the last time you used an actual camera?  Have you had an update funk up your phone?
  But let's pretend I looked like this when I run:
What?  Are you going to tell me I don't look just like this?
So besides lounging on my deck after my runs, I've been practicing with my new Ninja.
So far the kids have been less than impressed so I'm thinking I need some ideas.  All you experts out there feel free to offer up your home concoctions for us to try.  I need to find healthy ways to keep myself fueled while I try to get rid of these stubborn extra pounds before May.
What's your best recipe?  Any advice for getting the kids interested?
Speaking of losing weight I have also started using Lose It.  Have I mentioned how easy it is?  Well it is.  And so far it tell me that I should have lost about 9 pounds.  But in reality, not so much.  It is helping me be more aware of what I am putting in my mouth.  Hopefully if I stay consistent I'll get to a better racing weight by May.
Ever try logging what you eat and how much you exercise?  How long did it last?  Did it help?


  1. Oh but you DO look like that! The Caveman went out and got a Ninja. I dug in and am hanging onto my blender so I have no clue what to do with a Ninja. I am in weightloss mode as well. Sigh. Logging the food and hating it.

  2. I thought that's what we all look like when we run! Don't burst my bubble. =) I have used the Lose It app two different times - once at the beginning of 2012 when I was also doing Weight Watchers (lasted 2 weeks). Then again this year, I started using Lose It again and lasted about a week. When I pay attention to what I eat, I lose weight. I'm just entirely too lazy to log it all into an app, how sad is that? But! I'm down 13 lbs in the past year, and 8 lbs from goal weight, so.... eh. =)

  3. We got the 60 degree temps today in MA - AWESOME!!!! Went out for a lunchtime run (completely overdressed cuz who knows how to dress in Spring-uary?) and quickly tied my jacket around me and stuffed my mittens in the pockets. SO.WARM!

    I've tried to track/count what I eat and it lasts maybe an hour. I'm terrible at it.

  4. I have used fitbook for logging what I ate in conjunction with what I was running for my Maui Marathon preparation. Can't say I lost weight per se but I knew what I was eating!