Daily Chatter

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A weird thing happened...

A weird thing happened on the way to sell our car.  There I was happily day dreaming as I drove the super secret spy, LBM and myself back over the mountain at the conclusion of the sale of our Passat.  That little silver baby had been a great car but with the introduction of our new mega car,

I basically drive myself.
we simply had to let one of our other cars go.  The Passat will now live with a super nice family over the mountain from us.  We expect Christmas cards and frequent updates on how she's doing.  So I didn't shed a tear after the papers were signed but happily piled everyone into my car and headed home. 
Since I had endured the majority of the day dealing with very uninteresting car issues, I didn't feel bad at all when I switched the ride-home conversation away from all things cars and focused on updating the super secret spy on my running/racing schedule.  Due to his frequent travel I need to make sure I know when he will be home to support my racing or when I need to get something else worked out.  I was chatting away about my need to run various 50ks and my hopes to get into my spring 50 miler when my husband suddenly thought he was a super hero.
Not that he isn't a super hero.  He comes to my rescue quite frequently.  Or maybe it's the children he rescues from me?  Either way, he is pretty super normally but during our ride home I think he thought he'd become an actual super hero.  What made me feel this way was when I mentioned that I had spent some of the morning registering for a 50k in late February, he calmly stated that he could do that - go ahead and register him too.
 It took me 13 marathons before I made the leap to ultra length races.  Then when I did make the leap I trained.  I ran a lot.  I got to my racing weight.  It took a long time for me to feel ready to go 30 something miles in the woods, on trails, over mountains, across creeks and down hills.  The super secret spy is going to do it in about ...a month.
And now you know why I call him the super.


  1. Oh gosh! I cannot wait to hear how it goes! Good for him! :)

    We are still waiting on the Tesla story!

  2. Wow- that takes guts! Men!

  3. If he is anything like my husband, he will do it and be a rock star at it. Gotta love them!

  4. Wow!! Isn't that crazy? Enjoy the runs together!

  5. My husband and I had a reversal of that - sort of. Not that I did this in a month, but it was because of his 50M & 50K's run over the last couple years, I was like "Hey, I want...,no - need to do that!!"

    I hope he has a successful go at it!

  6. WOW. wow. Are you running it together? Or are you each running your own races?