Daily Chatter

Friday, February 22, 2013

Hashawha Hill 50k Goals

Even though I often feel as though I am on thin ice with my heavy run volume and no rest days, I am going to get uncomfortable and declare some goals for the Hashawha Hills 50k.  By putting my goals out there for any one's judgement I may be able to push myself just like I know I will have to push myself when I am deep into the miles, in the dark, potentially alone, in the middle of nowhere working my way towards a 100 mile finish line. 
To arrive on time. To start. To finish.
aka: Finish Feeling Fine having Fun
My I CAN goal:
Finish in under 7:00
This is a number that would have me potentially running with the super secret spy.  Again the decision to stay with him or take off with be made after conditions - my body, brain and trail - are taken into account. 
My I LOVE IT goal:
To beat my PR.
With a current PR of 5:59:33 my I LOVE IT time would be anything less
I'd even be giddy with 5:59:32 given that conditions this year with be worse than in 2012
My I DREAM IT goal:
This would be dreaming given predicted conditions for the day but if I am going to dream I'm going to dream big. 
No matter what the clock says as I make my way through the woods, over fields and across creeks I will be loving every step of it because that is the biggest goal after all.  The biggest goal I can achieve is to find joy while I am out there running immersed in nature.


  1. Good luck to you both this weekend!!!! Dream big, run hard, enjoy the fun!

  2. GO YOU!!!! So exciting :) I wish you your "Dream it" goal, but mostly, I wish you a "feeling good" day for your 50K.

    Have fun!

  3. Good luck to the both of you this weekend!!

    Always dream big!! Have fun!

  4. Good luck & have fun! I love this post format and will borrow it for my 50k next weekend.

  5. Ultra runners have more fun! Good luck!

  6. Good luck! I bet you can crush that 5:45 time!