Daily Chatter

Friday, February 15, 2013

I Must Sparkle

It's true.  I must Sparkle because my world has been full of so many amazing things lately. 
I bet I can even control my eyebrow too.

This past Saturday I was so happy to be able to be a part of the Run for Sherry.  This run always reminds me that I am a part of such a bigger community than I often realize as I go about my day.  The chance to join together to celebrate a fellow runner and embrace the power that being able to run gives me are things that add sparkle to my life.

By mid-week I didn't even realize I needed a sparkle recharge but I got a huge one when I got the text from my Oldest that I had become a grammy.  Days are to precious to wish away but I must admit I am very eager to be able to hold this little person. 

My training run this Saturday will have to wait. 
Could you say no to this sweet face? 

Then this morning...you know, Valentine's Day, I see this amazing little rock
It does not take much to make me happy.  More Sparkle!

Still blinding others with my over abundance of sparkle I didn't expect anything but a normal Thursday evening run when I was getting ready to get my sweat on.  But things were just going my way because a quick check of my email before my run had me literally jumping up and down.
That counts as cross training, right?  Totally counts.

 I mean I've been saying forever that I am a poster child for YMX.  Just look at this YMX covered blog but for it to actually happen has me on top of the world!

I can not wait to see what amazing things tomorrow brings!


  1. Wow, I can feel your sparkle all the way here on the East Coast!! Thanks, needed a little sparkle in my day today :)

    What a cute little face...congrats on your new title!!

  2. Wow! Your sparkle just lit up the dark skies here on Maui. I wonder what sparkle I may find in my day today....

    Congrats on becoming a YMX ambassador!!!!

  3. I'd say you DEFINITELY have a lot to sparkle about this week! Congrats on all girl, lots of exciting new chapters about to start in your life. :)

  4. You really do sound sparkly! I only sparkle when I'm wearing my sparkle running skirt right now.


  5. Congrats on your sparkly week!!!! Here's to another week of it!

  6. Congrats Shelly on all fronts! Very very exciting!

  7. Congrats on your ambassadorship! You represent them so well!
    And new babies are the BEST. Just visited my brand new niece. Worth skipping a run or two!