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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Three Things Thursday - Sick Kid, 9000 miles & A Good Read

Having a sick little one is so challenging, physically and emotionally.  I've wanted nothing more than to help him feel better but I knew it would just take time.  That didn't help LBM when he was unable to eat anything because his throat hurt so much.  Thankfully yesterday we turned a corner and he seemed much more like himself.  We even got outside for a while!  The fresh air must have helped him because I had to negotiate all afternoon and evening to keep him settled down for fear of a relapse.
What the geese were thinking: 
Yeah, right we are the ones that they blame bird flu on.  Go back inside before you infect us all!
With LBM feeling better I wanted to get back on track and get a planned run in but the super secret spy had an evening activity so it was the treadmill.  I've been keeping the miles lower and slower the the training plan calls for due to a really aggressive training run this Saturday.  Have I mentioned that although I am not fast, running slow really sucks.  Running really slow on the treadmill sucks even more.  That was how I felt at .94 miles.  I seriously wanted to stop.  My mind was making all kinds of excuses about why I could stop.  I mean LBM wasn't completely better.  Never mind the fact that he was running around the basement playing like a mad man while I was running.  I told myself that I had 40 mountainous miles to run this Saturday.  But I also knew that if I ran my scheduled miles I would hit 9000 miles for my streak.  So after a little online whining and thankfully some votes of confidence telling how I could do it, I rallied, pushed my pace and finished my 10 miles.

9,001.70 streak miles - 2/27/13
 After having so much trouble getting my run going I decided that I needed to reset.  I needed to remember that I am excited about pushing for the 100 this year.  At times I get so focused on how much work I need to do, how intimidating the goal seems, how I feel so unworthy of accomplishing it, that I forget I want to do this because I love it.  I love running through the woods.  I love playing in mud.  I love challenging myself now not waiting until...fill in the blank...there are hundreds of excuses.  So I refueled with some yummy fish tacos and re-read some Relentless Forward Progress. 
Great book for ultra runners at any level.
What do you do to get over those mental excuses?
Do you find yourself using your kids as excuses to slack?
Fish tacos?  Love'em or not so much?

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  1. Well I love fish tacos!

    Kids are no "excuse" to slack; taking care of a sick kid is harder than brokering middle east peace agreement.

    Usually after the first mile, a yucky run improves. For that reason, I always give it that full first mile. After that, it depends. I think with running, as with all things in life, each person has to "know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em."