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Friday, March 1, 2013

Explaining a Few Things

Sometimes I read over posts I have written in the past and wonder if everything I've shared has been understood.  With that in mind, and since I've got a zillion things to do to get ready for tomorrow's training run, I thought I'd do a quick post to explain two things I've said lately.  Like yesterday I said this,  "I needed to remember that I am excited about pushing for the 100 this year. At times I get so focused on how much work I need to do, how intimidating the goal seems, how I feel so unworthy of accomplishing it, that I forget I want to do this because I love it. I love running through the woods. I love playing in mud. I love challenging myself now not waiting until...fill in the blank...there are hundreds of excuses."

I thought I'd expand on the excuses because I am sure there are those out there who are still using some of them and feeling justified in using them.  One of the biggest excuses lately is wanting to wait until I have the body/fitness level I want.  Since this fall it's no secret that not working outside the home has not been good for my waist line.  Maybe it's the stress or lack of it but every eating plan I've tried has only put the smallest of dents in trimming the extra me away.  But waiting until I have the perfect body or fitness level I think I need to accomplish my goals, whether they be to run 100 miles or a 5k would simply be an excuse.  Of course, I need to train to be ready but whether I look like Annette Bednosky or Krissy Moehl or not I need to focus on using the body and abilities I have now or else I might miss out on some great experiences.

Secondly I wanted to explain this question that Gary K asked me when we were talking 100 mile-prep.  We were talking about DNFs.  Gary himself has experienced them.  I explained that I was still dealing with getting past my first ever DNF at LH 70 last year.  Gary reminded me that in a 100 one of the biggest reasons people DNF is that their mind allows them to.  He told me to frequently ask myself, How do I want to feel Tuesday?  And know the answer before I even start to run.
Anyone who has ever DNFed knows what that question means.  In the days following the race you go through a lot of emotions and discomfort but by Tuesday your discomforts are fading and you are left with how you really feel about your race.  If you DNFed it's by Tuesday when you really know if your "reason" was the right one.  I know that by the Tuesday after LH 70 I knew that I had made excuses and left myself down.  So for me this piece of advice will be invaluable as I face more and more ultra distances, How do I want to feel Tuesday?

I want to feel like I left a little bit of myself out there on that trail, I gave it my all and knew I could do it.  I want to feel like a BADASS...probably with really sore legs.

Do you find yourself not doing things because you are waiting for something first?
Do you not go to the gym because you think you aren't fit enough?  Or not buy that outfit because you don't want to be "that" size?  Or not enter that race because you don't think you can "race" it?

How do you want to feel Tuesday?


  1. What an awesome post and I really did need to think about how I want to feel Tuesday. And you are right, soreness comes and it goes. But how we feel Tuesday is what is really important. I will keep that in mind when I decide how long I am going to run tomorrow. My legs are still achy from pushing myself Wednesday but I do need to think first, how do I want to feel a few days past tomorrow.

  2. I love that how you want to feel Tuesday. When I DNF'd at the Jungfrau last year, I would say it was exactly by Tuesday that I had put things into perspective. I was still disappointed, yes, but truly I felt that DNFing was the best reflection of my training level and commitment going into the race and my effort during the race. In other words, I got what I paid for, and I could respect that. So, I didn't prove to be super human overcoming all odds; I could deal with that and it was an invaluable lesson. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Nice post. You are inspiration as always. I'm 5 weeks out from my first Marathon, and I'm really feeling the nerves as the mileage ramps up and my knee is bugging me. It's always a pleasure to read your posts.

  4. I've been thinking about skipping a race that I have coming up in a few weeks, because my training has been seriously derailed by a 6+ week long illness (bronchitis crap). I was so very close to letting myself off the hook this week, but today I realized I can't. And now, reading this post, it's been hammered home. How do I want to feel on Tuesday? That's exactly it. Thank you so much. =)

  5. While I haven't really experienced this with running personally we have definitely been there in life! We had a million things we were putting off "until we have a house", the treadmill purchase being one of them, and finally we just decided screw it we are not waiting forever to do this stuff!

  6. oh yeah - I have felt that way sooooo many times! Then I read posts like yours and feel inspired! So thank you for that!

    I am amazed at how well your bod holds up with all those long runs!! Wish mine would do that too!

  7. Great post,
    you are truly inspiring.