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Monday, March 18, 2013

At Home

I didn't get much sleep last night.  It may have been the several late nights, the late night runs or just too much on my mind whatever the cause I was wide awake when the call came that there would be no school thanks to a few inches of snow that fell over night. 
As soon as it was light I went outside too take it the beautiful scene but couldn't run since the super secret spy is off saving the world.  It was a great morning for a walk in the snow.  I could still hear the spring peepers in our pond.  They must have declaring their confusion about the weather.  The pines in the woods beyond our house stood dressed in white as they sheltered the few birds that were chirping to greet me.  I walked into the woods and listened to the sounds and breathed in the smells and somehow the day seemed better simply for those moments of quiet among the trees.  It makes me eager for this weekend and the HAT Run when I'll get to spend the day under those comforting branches.  Until then I'll visit the woods and feel at home.

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  1. It seems there's snow everywhere! Well, except here in Fl, of course ;)