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Friday, May 31, 2013

I Couldn't Sleep at all Last Night

It was crazy.  I kept waking up checking the time.  It was as if I had a big race early this morning.  But it's not me  now working their way through their very first 100.  It's my fabulous pacer and friend, Diane.
 She is now hours into her big race in beautiful Utah.  The Bryce 100.
 Getting to run with her so often on such challenging trails while we prepared for my first attempt at Massanutten was such a great experience.  Diane is an amazingly strong runner.  Being relatively new to the ultra trail running journey hasn't stopped her from progressing through races and distances with incredible speed and success.  I am so proud to count her among my trail friends.
Unfortunately Bryce 100 doesn't yet have tracking but they may post on their FB page.  HERE  If you find an extra moment in your Facebook hoping time please post a comment for Diane B.  And through out today and tomorrow send her thoughts and prayers of encouragement to help carry her through all those beautiful miles.  I can't always be there for my friends who have given so much to me.  So please take a moment whether you comment here or on Facebook HERE or just thinking of Diane B and help me lift her up so high she nearly floats across those trails.  Because if you have ever had a chance to see her run downhills, you'd know she practically does.
Breath and Run Long

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