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Friday, May 10, 2013

Phobias, YMX, Rodents and of course MMT

It's a proverbial carrot dangling out there.  One day the forecast is mid 60s, the next in the 80s and today it reads, Partly sunny and very warm.  I'm not liking the one word, VERY.  However I know tomorrow it may again change and shift to something much more favorable for a thermophobic like me.

 Being a YMX Ambassador has it's perks.  Aside from being able to wear amazingly colorful, beautiful clothing while I run and having endless conversation starters with other runners, I also have perks like this:
Interested in seeing all these styles?  Click HERE.
This amazing delivery arrived yesterday!  So I did want any loyal YMX runner with a 100 miler a mere 8 days away would do... 

I tried out as many pieces at once as I could!  I will have a full review on everything after the 100.  What better test for gear than to be using it for potentially 36 hours straight?!  But after one run I can say I am in love with the skirt.  The only reason I even knew it was on was feeling it occasionally brush my leg as I ran.  And the racer back tank, well I kept getting stared at and I was sure that it was because I had walked out the door naked.  Okay it might have had something to do with all the color and patterns I was wearing at one time.  First impressions on these pieces is a big thumbs up.  Today I'll try something else to see what will make the race day cut.

My clay version of Ratatouille
Taper crazies are real.  It's the mental state you find yourself in while you are forced to reduce the time you spend each day working out.  We all know it's needed to finish the preparation before a race.  It's a fact that after months of hard effort those lighter days help up during our event, both physically and mentally but that doesn't mean we don't all struggle with how to fill that time without going a little batty.  Or in my case ratty.

Of course I am still running and working out - it's Happy day 1097
aka Happy Three Year Streak-aversary to me!
I did make cupcakes for the teachers at S'ghetti girls school but since I'm on a protein only eating plan for a while I doubt I'll be celebrating with one.  I'm saving my celebrations for after the 100.  No matter what happens I will have cause to celebrate.  3 years completed, another adventure had, many friends made and memories created are, alone, enough reason to celebrate. 

But before the party I'll be running that little race and you will probably want to follow along.  You will be able to use the Live Tracking HERE
I'm bib #35  You won't have to wait to see how things are going.  So get your party hats and tune in May 18th - 19th.  Blow up my Facebook page with encouragement or tell me to get my a## moving and tweet your cheers like crazy.  I'm been using the hashtag #mmtyouaresomine  and #MMT100 I'm @ShellyCable if you want to follow me. 


  1. I love YMX gear!! It really feels like you are wearing nooooothing. Looks like you have a great selection of gear!

  2. Good luck! I love my YMX racer back. I tried the skirt in a medium, but it was too large, so I am getting the small sent to me instead. Good luck with your race and holding back on those cupcakes.

  3. You're going to do some great stuff on that mountain!