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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

MMT 100 in T-minus 10, 1095 days and a Writing Assignment

I often joke about my home town math skills but this time I actually do not know how to add.  My streak-a-versary is quickly approaching.  My THREE year streak-a-versary. 
Feel free to send gifts. 
I favor anything running related in case you didn't notice. 

Clearly they didn't take into account ultra runner's preferences in creating this list!
Because I'm thinking something more alone the lines of a buckle.

Like I said, 3 years has snuck up on me and now I don't know when to celebrate it.
Do I celebrate on the date as in May 10th? That would be the date that I started my running streak in 2010. 
Do I celebrate on day 1096?  Because 2011 was a leap year. 
365 + 366 + 365 = 1096  There is that extra day.
If I stopped on May 10th I'd technically be a day short of completing my actual three years, right?
Wrong.  See it's those small town math skills.  I'd actually be over a day thanks to that leap year.
Of course I doubt anything but a 100 miler would cause me to even THINK about stopping.
you knew we'd get around to talking about MMT didn't you?

See 10 days out from a 100 miler and it's the big questions that you ponder.  Like when to celebrate your running-streak-a-versary.

And since I'm sure that you need projects to fill up your time as you wait nervously for me to start my 100 miler.  Thanks for the sympathy nervousness by the way.  Why not send me a letter, note, little card that I could add to my drop bags.  You can email me directly and I'll send you my address.  I would love to include your envelopes in my drop bags as things to look forward to seeing at each aid station.  You can pontificate on the inspiring ways I have helped you avoid all my mistakes or maybe write something funny or maybe a snapshot of you cheering me on.  No matter what it is, I'd love to have you all be a part of my little adventure in the woods.  


  1. I am so much emailing you but need to get my butt in gear to get to you in time. Hawaii is a bit far away....priority rocks!

  2. I cannot wait to hear all about MMT and your 3 year streak-a-versary is pretty exciting too! :)