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Saturday, August 10, 2013

B Words

This past week has been full of the B word.  Yeah, thanks to all the worrying about LBM's school situation I did loads of B####ing.  But there were actually several other B words that seemed to be really prevalent in our week. 

LBM has been on a mission this week to discover all the bugs around the house.  Of course that is a fun science lesson but at this time of year those little critters have often grown!  We won't be catching this guy anymore.

With the approach of kindergarten LBM has started being responsible for certain chores around the house.  He earns a small allowance that he is practicing budgeting his money for his "wants".  But that hasn't stopped his previous behavior of using his puppy face to beg for things.  I didn't cave this time but darn he is so cute!

My garden and flower beds have been a botanistic inspiration this week with beautiful blooms every morning.  If you follow me on FB or Instagram you are probably sick of the daily bloom bombs. 
But maybe you are also inspired for notice a few of the B words in your day too.

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  1. LBM is getting SO big!

    I love your B theme...I think about stuff like that on a long run sometimes!