Daily Chatter

Friday, November 18, 2011

I think about numbers

As a runner I enjoy numbers.  I enjoy seeing them pile up as in the almost 4500 miles I have ran during my 558 days of streaking.  I also like seeing them go down as in the count down of miles I'll be doing while running my 50 this Saturday. 
I also enjoy the way numbers work together.

Take my Fire on the Mountain 50k bib.

Little did I know as I wrote on my bib before that race that the odd 7 in the middle was predicting my finishing time.  I like to write encouraging things on my bibs.  For the FOTM I used the number 2 to write things like 2 have fun, 2 get a PR, 2 get stronger.  I used the number 4 to write things like, 4 better health, 4 ME, 4 my sanity.  But that 7 simply didn't offer anything and so I didn't add anything around him. 
Yes the number 7 is male, in case you didn't know.
In hindsight, that 7 was telling me about how my race would eventually go.
As in a 7 hour finishing time.
For the Stone Mill 50 Miler
and yes, I have to add the 50 Miler every time
my bib number is 49
I've already thought of things I will write around that nice number 4. 
But feel free to offer suggestions.
I've been having a freaktasticly wonderful running week even though it was a taper week, so that little innocent 9 got the Optimistic Shelly thinking and thinking. 
To the point that I've actually spoke the thought out loud,
What if that little innocent 9 was trying to tell me something?
Could it be?
Wouldn't it just be giddy inducingly amazing if my finish time at the
Stone Mill 50 Miler
started with a 9!
Since I know that my mind will carry me much farther in this race then my legs ever will, I will be entertaining that idea clear through the finish line.

S'ghetti Girl will not be a photographer when she grows up
Am I Going Too Fast??

but wearing this to remember that Goal # 1 is to finish.

Safe running and racing this weekend to every one who is blessed enough to be doing it.


  1. I can TOTALLY see it starting with a 9!!!! You're going to kill it!

  2. Have fun and be safe this weekend!!! I can't wait to hear how all these numbers play out for you!

  3. Oh yeah....you have a 9! That is one of my favorite numbers and if my enthusiasm means anything, I say that 9 is going to mean something grand for you.

    And I just have to toss in the reminder that my first marathon bib number was 99.

    Now that I know you love numbers too, I am going to focus more on how you use them!

    Thanks for all the motivation and for recommending a great blog earlier! I sent my good vibes....

  4. Blessed enough to be doing it is right! You will get that 9:XX! See you in the morning :)

  5. Good Luck, Shelly! I'm sending fierce running energy your way (with lots of 9,9,9s).
    Cheers and happy racing,

  6. OK, I am late with 'good luck' wishes. How did it go? Did you kill it? Somehow I know you did.
    Love the number game.

  7. How did it go??? Can't wait to read about it.

  8. I know you finished because I looked at the results. And I bet you got across the stream before dark, at least the first time -- judging by your finish time (I ran it too).

    Interested to read your review when you post it.