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Thursday, July 5, 2012

A few F words

What fourth of July would be complete without a few F words?

My fourth started with a longish run across some gorgeous fields.  I didn't get up early enough to beat the heat but with Hubbs at home with the kids I wasn't running from behind the jogger so I was free to run where ever my feet wanted to go.  And I was in search of shade.  So I ran across fields, under trees, along creeks as much as possible to get my miles in before breakfast.

Then is was Family time!  We spent time together enjoying a big breakfast and just hanging out at the house.  The boys played video games while the girls some chatter and a recorded tv show we enjoy a bit more than the boys.  (aka The Bachlorette)

After a few chores because there are things to be done every day, we were off to the pool for some fun.  Nothing beats a game of ball in the pool on a very hot afternoon!

All too soon the splashing was over and we were off to the Park for some more family fun.  LBM was most excited for all the inflatables!  We went down the line until he found his favorite; the inflatable obstacle course.  He attacked it!  Over and over again.

S'ghetti girl and the hubbs were off sampling some tasty treats while LBM and I enjoyed ourselves.  Thankfully the evening had cooled a bit and the snow cones helped to keep us cool too.

It couldn't come fast enough for S'ghetti girl.  The main event.  FIREWORKS!

We spread our blanket in the field and lay back to watch the show.

The moon was still just a small orange ball low on the horizon as we ooohed and aaaaahed.

The view doesn't get much better than this!

With our 3-D glassed they looked like this.

It was a Fabulous Fun Fill Family Fourth!


  1. Sounds like one heck of an excellent day! I just started running and am working my way up to the one day goal(s) which include trail running.

  2. What a stellar day!!! Love the pictures :)

  3. Awww, what an awesome family day filled with lots of love and great activities. Love that about you guys!! :)

    No fireworks here in fire-ridden Colorado. :(

  4. What a fantastic day! Glad you enjoyed. :)

  5. OMG, fireworks in the dark, I so miss that (watching fireworks when the sky never really darkens is kind of a drag). Glad you and your family had such a great time.