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Monday, July 2, 2012

My scariest run ever

Back hom in PA they had hail

There are days when life and family come first and your run gets pushed farther and farther down the priority list.  That was the way my Friday played out and set the stage for one of the most frightening runs I have ever taken.  

I was sandblasted with dirt that had been blowing in the air

It started out routinely enough; I left the family in the pool.  They were cajoling me to stay and play while I knew that an hour alone would bring me back a much happier mom and wife.  So I laced the shoes, clicked on the headlight and off I went.

Back in PA luckily the only structural damage
 was to the dog enclosure.  Doggie was fine.

I planned to run 30 minutes out and then double back.  I was hoping that I could push my pace and get in about 7 miles and then jump into the pool.  I ran the first 2 miles uneventfully.  But it quickly became clear that I probably didn't have an hour before the storm that was pushing my direction would overtake me.  I've quickly learned that seeing a thunderstorm on the adjacent mountains is nothing unusual.  Quite often it will play it's self out long before getting to my house. 

24 hours after the storm there were trees still down

Friday evening was different.  The storm simply spread and kept growing with prolific lightning strikes.  I decided to turn around and head back but I was still thinking I could easily and safely make it back to the house.  Even though I did push my pace, I continued with the thought that I was completely safe until I turned onto "our" road.  Once I turned I was running in parallel to the storm instead of away from it and the wind that I hadn't even noticed before caught me. Instantly I could not stand straight up anymore, I had to almost squat to the ground to keep the wind from pushing me over. There was so much debris that I was being hit with a constant grit and leaves and branches were flying in the air. I started to run (as best I could double over) towards the nearest house when I heard the wind begin to sound like a train. All I could think was there must be a tornado and I HAD to get home. 

Tree hanging on electircal lines and into one lane of traffic

I cut across yards and fields to get closer to the house and as I did a giant flying object nearly knocked me over.  That object turned out to be our giant pool raft.  With debris hitting me and the blinding grit in the air, I chased down the raft and wedged it against me and the wind hoping I could use it to keep anything else from hitting me while I tried to call or text hubbs to come get me.  Yes, I had my phone the whole time.  As I was trying to text (I didn't think he would hear me over the wind), his truck drove by.  I tried to flash my headlamp at him but he did see.  I quickly sent a text that he ha just passed me and thankfully he got it, turned around and chuckled as I cling to that raft and wouldn't let it go until we had put it in the back of the truck. 

Back at the house the power was out which meant my only shower was with the water left in my handheld until the storm calmed and I jumped in the pool.  This will definitely go down as the scariest run I've ever!

Have a scary run story?  Think you've been though worse?
Please share.


  1. That is so scary! I am so glad you and your whole family are ok!!!!

  2. Yikes, glad you're okay! Ever since a kid got struck by lightning in my school parking lot 2 years ago I've been very wary of storms, even far away ones. I would've freaked!

  3. Wow, that run sounds terrifying! It was scary to be INSIDE during that storm, so I can't even imagine.

  4. That is so scary and I am so glad you had your phone with you. I think I will need to share this with dear hubby as an example why it is good to have a phone on you when you run.

    I am so glad you are safe.

  5. Yikes! So glad you got back safely. I guess there are good reasons for having a phone with you!

    I've only ever run with a bit of lightening and that was a fluke on a very early morning run. It ended pretty quickly and we kept going, so all was well.

  6. I'm so glad you weren't hurt. It's incredible how quickly the weather can change and how deadly it can become.

  7. Wow! That would be scary. I'm glad you made it home safe and sound. I bet you'll be keeping an eye on any potential storm from now on!