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Friday, June 29, 2012

Four 4 Friday - What I've Learn in VA

In Virginia it really doesn't seem to matter what time of day or how many miles, my legs and every other spot on my body will appear to be melting after 10 minutes of running.  I also learned that sweating your weight in presprition does not equate to weighing nothing.  It can however result in wanting to passout if I don't jump in the pool fast enough.

For a while my hubbs worked in pest elimination.  Part of his job requirement was taking courses about various pests and elimination practices.  It may have been his requirement but I actually did them.  Okay we were young and dating and I was a pushover...
I do now enjoy a little extra usually useless knowledge thanks to those hours of courses. 
I found it helpful when I discovered that our new home in VA has an over abundance of assassins.  Fairly certain my little insect squatters are wheel bugs.  Their bite is very painful. 
If you are unfortunately enough to get bitten, a little Chlorox will help stop the stinging.

Since being in Va I have learned that my kids find fruit much more interesting if they get to pick it off a tree...or the ground....themselves.

Unlike previously thought, I not only like but I LOVE air conditioning!

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