Daily Chatter

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ultra Running: The Prerequisite for Oral Surgery

I had elective oral surgery.  Isn't that an oxymoron?  If it isn't it should be.  Regardless my morning consisted of pushing myself to face a few fears and overcome some more discomfort.  My oral surgeon also happens to be an athlete.  He is into running and cycling but recently added some serious hiking to his resume so we often chat about, what else, running.  And the lengths we go to to push ourselves beyond what we saw as our limits.  But in doing so we often find that we have just made ourselves uncomfortable.

It seems a lot of the things I am choosing to do lately are making me uncomfortable.  From my recent attempt to stretch the limits in my ultra mileage to moving from a home I've had my entire life, things lately have felt uncomfortable.  A little like the first mile after a creek crossing when you've gotten little bits of sediment in your shoes.  It doesn't quite hurt, you just know something is not right.

What I am excited for are the days to come.  Those days that will feel like those miles when you've finally gotten the sediment worked out and your feet are cool for the creek.  I look forward to a routine to appear in our days.  I'm eager to build some relationships in the locala running group.  I'm happy the kids will have the whole summer to explore their new surrounds. 

And because I don't want to get too used to being uncomfortable, I think its time for a little white pain pill and more fun in the pool.  See, a routine is already forming.


  1. The unknown and uncomfortable can be a little scary but just like an ultra, the highs often outweigh those uncomfortable lows. :) Hope the recovery goes well after the oral surgery, yuck!

  2. Wait, you had a choice and you STILL had oral surgery?? Wanting to run 100 miles seems sane compared to that! :)

  3. Love this analogy. Change, especially big change, is hard. But you're tough and I know you'll face it head on with flying colors.

  4. I just want to know how you got the little camera in your mouth for the picture. :) Feel better soon!