Daily Chatter

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Little Late Gardening

With wrapping up daily life in PA, I missed out planting a spring garden in VA.  I do however have my veggies in my "pot" garden on the deck.  I worked in a few extra pots to plant some late flowers and replant some herbs. 
In a old parsley pot I found a swallowtail caterpillar.  It was a great opportunity to talk with the kids about how life changes and through those changes often we find new, more beautiful ways to live our lives.  Yeah, I'm clever like that.  Using our surroundings to teach lessons, making those moments count and reassuring the kids that life, no matter what form it takes, will be an amazing positive adventure.  I think the kids bought it.  And it made me feel better about things too.

We planted a lot of pots and planters while that little caterpillar munched on parsley.  Now, just like our newly evolving life, I can't wait to see what grows!


  1. We planted a garden for the second time this year. We should be harvesting some tomatoes soon. It is lots of fun to see nature at work!

  2. Good luck on your pot garden! Sounds lovely. After having a garden for several years, I opted to take a year off. We invested in a CSA instead and have been getting some great produce in our box every week. A different sort of adventure. :)

  3. Sounds like a good lesson to me!

  4. My very, very best wishes for a happy next chapter in your life!!