Daily Chatter

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

L.O. & Ts

If I think my shoes are getting close to needed replaced, replace them before the next big race.

I should be a Body Glide test subject because I am the chafing queen!

When I have dropped shoes I should run through a few creeks even when there is a bridge.

I should never use gear that I haven't tested well.


A 100 oz CamelBak loaded with gear weighs A LOT.

I can make really great friends with a person after spending 50 miles with them.

The distance to step off the trail in the event of a nature call is directly dependant on the urgency of said nature call.

A course that is too dry will result in blisters.


I think the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail has some of the most beautiful rock formations I have ever seen.

I think point to point races are the hardest to run.

I think I am even stronger than I thought I was.

I think crossing the finish line at Laurel next year will be the sweetest satisfaction!


  1. You may have been too busy running the race, but the little three foot bridges, right at mile marker 15, is one of my favorite scenes on the LH trail. The rhododendrons, the huge boulders in the creek, and I heard you couldn't see any water in the creek, but hear it. I'll try and find one of my mile 15 pics and post on FB.

    The huge fern forests toward the north are awesome, as are all the huge rock formations.

  2. Great set of thoughts and observations.