Daily Chatter

Friday, July 13, 2012

Taking Aim

This was the photo from this week's One Word Wednesday.  It inspired some interesting words.  Prof. Kitty gave a serious answer of "prepared", CJ made me laugh with "Baywatch", and a few readers; Jill, Jess and Shannon all agreed that this photo represented "fun".  There were lots of great takes on LBM's action shot.  They all reminded me that we each see things differently.
To me this photo shows determination.  LBM must have run through those squirters 25 times trying to land a foot on each one.  I told me he thought he could go fast enough to "squish" them all and keep them down so when he turned and looked back he would see them all still "squished".  Even though I knew that he probably wouldn't be successful in achieving his goal, I encouraged him to try his best and run super fast. 
That's the way ultra running can be.  There are times when I look back and feel as though I can't see the efforts of my hard work.  I look back and feel as though nothing has changed, like I haven't even left a mark.  Sounds a lot like parenting too.  I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling that way and yet we all stay at it.  We keep pushing towards that something that we took aim at.  Whether it be in running or raising our kids, we keep trying to get closer to that target. 


  1. Such a great comparison. Not quite an ultra runner (yet!), but it's tough putting in the mileage, then racing, then going - what was all that for?

  2. Very nice post, and I couldn't agree more. I personally believe with both running and parenting, and with other areas of my life too, that I just have to keep trying to reach those goals I have in mind.

  3. I love the determination! Clearly he's learned that from his momma :)