Daily Chatter

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What everyone is talking about

If there were a water cooler it would be the hot topic; the heat.  Every one's talking about it.  I go to the store and the chit chat is not about the politics, not the weather, it's only about the heat.  How hot it was yesterday.  How hot it is today.  That it hasn't been this hot since...  You get the idea. 

They are right.   It's hot.  It gets hot early and it stays hot until late.  Since our treadmill adventure turned out to be a bust via Freecycle and no decision made about the options at Play It Again Sports, I am sans running options.  It's outside all the time everyday or night.  

Like many of you I am not at the mercy of the weather and elements.  While I know that I will get somewhat "used" to the higher temps here in Virginia, I know that I will rarely be able to simply walk out the door and run for an hour like I do in PA.  Now running takes a little more planning.  And sunscreen.  And hydration options.  And cell phones.  And usually jogging strollers.  Okay that last one isn't exactly new but pushing it in 100 degree weather is. 

Now I remember those new things before heading out the door.
How long will I be out?  If anything happens will I have enough fluids?
Suncreen? Even if I'm on the trails.
Cellphone?  If anything happens I can call for a ride back.
Leave a note? Or Tell someone where I'll be.
Listen to my body?  Know when enough is enough on those really tough days.

I could join the whiners and simply say it's just too hot.  Instead I have been looking at my run as if it were race day.  I've shown up and ran on race day in all kinds of weather!  Of course several times it did cross my mind to not race but I always toed the line.  That is my strategy with my daily running now; it's race day.  Just do it!

Do you have summer weather running tips?
Stay safe while you are staying active.


  1. You are right, everyone is talking about it! I just wrote a blog post about summer running gear, ironically. I run at all temps once the sun goes down. It makes a HUGE difference. Last night we were out for about an hour at 90+, humid temps. It wasn't too bad. The sun makes it sooooo much worse, even if you go at 6 a.m.

  2. So sorry you are sans mill in this heat. It is no fun for running (unless you're pool running) especially as it wears on and on.
    Even at night here it's staying well into the 70's and 80's so not a ton of relief.
    You know the drill: hydrate, shade, back off pace, walk breaks, ice down the bra/under the hat, wherever, freeze your water bottles.
    Hang in there. It does increase the badass quotient exponentially.

  3. The two best options are early morning and late evening. That's safest in the heat, but that being said, they are not equal. The morning usually offers a cooler temp but higher humidity; the opposite is true in the evening.

    The key is the lack of the sun -- as someone said above -- it wilts you. Heat is doable; intense sun is a killer.

  4. I would throw a vote in for the pre-dawn morning runs. As Jess said, the humidity is higher, but there are other factors in your favor as well. While the "crazies" can be out at any time of the day or night, there are certainly a LOT less of them at 4:30 a.m. than there are at 9:30 p.m. That early, the streets are a lot more peaceful as well.

    But above all, be safe. Run with lights, no ear plugs, and pepper spray.

  5. You are a trooper. I haven't braved the stroller yet, but I have the luxury of Millie.

    I am the last one to give you advice. I ended up dehydrated after my run this morning. Spent two hours trying to feel normal again. So I guess I would say STAY HYDRATED. And try to have fun, in spite of the heat :-)

  6. I've been running in the morning. I keep thinking that this heat training will make things seem so much easier when fall rolls around. :-)