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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Three Wishes

TIaRT - Running Wishes

This week's sponsor is Julia, author of her blog, Chocolate Shoestrings. Julia knows all runners have dreams and wishes, so she invites us to share ours.

Julia asks: If a genie were to appear and grant you any three running wishes in the world, what would you choose? It can be anything from superhuman powers, new running inventions, race entries, shoes, you name it! What would be your three wishes?

Three running wishes. At first glance that seems easy but once I really started to think about it, I am hard pressed to think of three things I'd ask for. Hummm.

My first wish would be that I could share my intense joy of running with those close to me. I wish I could allow them to feel the passion I have for running. The exhilaration I get after a long run. The sense of accomplishment of crossing the finish line. I don't have that with my family. I am currently the only one who loooooves this crazy sport.

Second wish. To be able to continue enjoying the sport of running until I am one of those runners that the young ones point out. Not because I have become a iconic example of physical perfection but because I am still at it. Still loving it. Wrinkles, gray hair and all.

My last wish. To never take all this running for granted. To remember how blessed I am to be able to simply do it.

~~~ Sorry for going all serious. Just remembering today, friends and family who are not a blessed as I. Knowing that their three wishes would look a lot different. Praying for many today as always.


  1. Aw, I like your depper and more serious wishes. Great points!

  2. There is a lady in my area who is 65 and was nipping at my heels in my first 10K.. I want to be her..

    Great wishes!!