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Friday, October 30, 2009

Am I The Only One?

I love to run. I don't so much like to follow a training program. That's the problem. I know that I could probably run much less and be far faster if ONLY I could stick to the plan but I don't. I think if I'm schedule to run 4, 6 would be better.

And am I the only one who knows that if you run morning and night, you never get sore because you just simply don't allow your muscles time to. Oh boy, the feedback I am going to get over that one. But it's true. I typically run 6.5 in the morning and 6.5 in the evening. Almost all the time. I run longer distances when I have races coming up and a bit less over the coldest month of the winter but for the most part, that is how I run - when I get my way.

How wrong is that?

I know that I have put in some really fast times since I have not been able to get my runs in. My mileage has gone from 50-80 miles a week to 25-50 miles a week and I am getting faster. (No extra speed work other than a few races). Any thoughts out there on why?

Does this mean that if I want to get faster I am going to have to give up some of my runs? And actually put up with getting sore? Seriously, marathons aside, I am never sore. I have been running this way since...hmmmm, well racing since 2003 this way.

I know there are a lot of busy racers this weekend but I'd appreciate the feedback and opinions if you have one.

p.s. Before you ask, Yes, I have sort of followed marathon training programs. But honestly, I put in my life time marathon PR by simply running and following what I already know works for me. Should I change now?


  1. I say do what works for you.. I LOOSELY Follow a training plan. Having a bad knee I am careful to take rest days when needed. No overuse injuries here. Generally I get sore after speed work and hill training...so I sometimes skip those days. OOPS! I don't get sore from slower long runs.

    Wish I had some advice, I truly have none, I am too new to be giving anyone any advice.


  2. I have to agree with Mel here... you got to do what works for you!

  3. I set up my own training plan for Chicago and followed it more or less but I adjusted as needed.

  4. Ditto from me. I have the same ideas, although less miles. I love your blog!