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Saturday, October 31, 2009

When Routines get interrupted

This week was really an off week for my running. It started so strong with a fast half marathon and then kinda dried up. Which maybe I should have seen coming after the recent races every weekend.

My husband is state side working out of VA. He has a terrible schedule that changes quite frequently. It makes it hard to plan races and to get all my runs done. (Having to put the baby in the jogger is often weather contingent.)

I did however get three runs done all at a easy just putting in the miles pace.

Sunday 13.1 - 1:33
Monday 6.5 - 51:07
Wednesday 6.5 - 52:35
Friday 3.5 - 27:43

I don't make very good use of my last week of evening daylight. I feel really bad about the lack of mileage for another reason. The time change. Talk about routines getting interrupted! It will be dark by 6 p.m.! That doesn't offer much running time in the evening when I don't get home from work until 5:45. It's time to look into some lights for that jogging stroller. Maybe a little maintenance on the old treadmill.

For those who have to deal with day light savings, what do you do to keep up with your running over the winter months? Cross train, treadmills, simply running less miles? Does the lack of day light effect your motivation?

With all that Halloween candy I just helped my daughter eat, I am going to need to put in some miles tomorrow. I can't wait!

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  1. OK 1:33 for a training run.. WOW oh WOW I need to run with you to make me FASTER..