Daily Chatter

Friday, October 16, 2009

Agggghhh, this weather!! We had a record breaking snow fall. It is the earliest snow since...since they started keeping track of snow falls, I guess. I mean can you believe it. October 16th and some areas had 5 inches of snow! Which wouldn't be bad except it wasn't just snow, it was rain too. Which meant this morning's run was cold and wet AND that there was no evening run. Grrrr. I just couldn't take the baby out in this weather with a clear conscience.

After a day at the office, I am always eager to get on home. Tonight's drive home featured a black bear at the edge of a corn field. Must have been a vegetarian. That was exciting! I quickly parked my car, jumped out - cell phone in hand attempting to get a picture to share with you all, only to press the button and find out that I had no more memory for another picture. And with that the bear decided that he did like the paparazzi and he ran across the road and into the woods.

After that excitment, I picked up the kiddos and we headed home. Abby was unimpressed with the bear story (now if I had procured that picture I just know she'd have been excited!). Arriving home we found our contractor, Steve finishing up the day's work on our soon-to-be second bathroom. Yes, we will be joining those people. You know, the people who don't have to fight over how long someone stays in the bathroom or complain about why there are always blow dryers and makeup on the bathroom counter. Yes, we will finally after 20 years have two bathrooms! ....for me to clean. Oh yeah, that's the down side. Anyway, we checked out the latest work and chatted about how much we like the bathroom thus far. Then we settled in for the evening.

So instead of my normal evening run, I had planned to attempt to start my 90 days with P90X (more about P90x in the days to come)but that didn't happen either. I realized that starting the new program probably wasn't a great idea the night before a race. All be it a short just for fun 5k race. I have not fully set my mind to running the 5k race. I'd honestly like to get in more miles than that but...I laid out my race clothes for the morning just incase.

But I spent time with the kids, talked with my niece, my hubby and my mom, made supper, bathed the baby with Abby's help and still had to time blog with you. Not what I'd planned but a great evening and maybe just what I needed after all the races the past two weekends.

There were a few things I learned during from my evening I thought I'd share:

1. When you see a black bear along the road, running toward the bear may not be the best idea ever.

2. When your 8 year old daughter offers to help bath your one year old son, always ask what soap she'll be using and how much of it. pictures on that one coming soon

3. Stay flexible. Some days no matter what you plan to do life may have something else in mind.


  1. Good luck in your race. Thanks for your comment.

  2. GREAT TIPS.. OK I just reread your post "vegetarian" bear that is stinkin FUNNY!!

    Being a Mom and runner has its challenges, but oh so worth it!!