Daily Chatter

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not What I Had Planned

Did you go outside this moring?  I did.  It was wonderful.
It was the calm before the storm, in more way than one.
But I didn't know that at first.
I stuck my head out the front door while S'ghetti girl was getting ready for the bus.
Cool okay it was cold but cool sounds better Crisp Calm Morning.
I got everything ready to get LBM up and stroller ready right after the bus.
We were headed out to squeeze in 4 miles this morning leaving on 7 for my wanted 11 miles today.
Hello? It's 1.11.11 We all have to do something special, right?
Anyway since I couldn't get all my miles in one run I needed to split them up.
My body also needs a break from the double digit runs lately.
Everything seemed to be falling into place.
The bus was on it's way, S'ghetti girl and I gathered her gear and headed down the driveway.

That is when I saw it.

not my actual yard

That's not what I had planned.
Instead of getting upset and ruining my day, I got S'ghetti girl on the bus and then simply cleaned up the mess.
Reminding myself that I should always set trash out in the cans to avoid this.
Lesson learned.
And then since LBM was still sleeping I hopped on the treadmill for 2.5 miles.
Any run is a good run.


  1. uugghhh. I just groaned for you. Glad you had a good 2.5 anyways though :)

  2. YAY for 2.5!!

    I too love that it is 1.11.11.


  3. That sucks about the trash but good for you for still getting in 2.5.

  4. Ack! That stinks -- probably literally!

  5. Glad you got your run in. 11 is my favorite number :) I'm hoping for 11 miles today too.

  6. I'm surprised you aren't running 1+11+11 :)

  7. Too bad it was so calm or maybe the wind would have blown it to the neighbor's yard ... works for me!

  8. Eeeeww! Must be the season for that as I've seen a few scenes like that while out running lately.

  9. Sometimes that's all you can do! Pick up the trash and move on...

    I have 11 miles planned for today (well, 18K = 11.18 miles... hmmm, I should make that 11.11) and didn't even make the connection with the date! Cool!!

  10. ugggggggggh to the trash. but the morning was really calm here too. glad that you were able to get your mood to match the weather

  11. darn it, I need to do something special today! thanks for the reminder =)

  12. Ieeuw: cleaning up the trash is pretty nasty. But Yay on hopping on the treadmill after that! :)