Daily Chatter

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Brrr, it's cold in here...

...that should be OUT here.
It was freezing cold out this morning.
No it was beyond freezing.  In fact even the ice along the road thought it was cold.
So what did I do?
You know after taking yesterday off work because I and nearly the entire family is enjoying head colds.
Well I went for a run outside of course.
And I couldn't wear any of my old winter gear I had to wear my new stuff from Christmas that isn't quite warm enough to cut this morning's idea of cold.
But this morning, I matched!

Day # 239 ~ a.m. run 3.5 freezing miles

What am I the only one who knows you can sweat out a cold? 
And shivering while you are sweating has to speed up the process, right? 


  1. That picture sure looks cold. I'd love for you to have just a little of our heat and for us to have some of your cold.

  2. Ohhh I love your purple warmies! I always try to sweat out a cold. In fact, I am feeling sick today and guessing it it going to turn into a cold... I will be running through it.

  3. You make me feel wimpy, If it is below 38°, I stay inside. Well I guess I AM wimpy, but you are nuts ;)

  4. I run through my colds and feel better after every run!

  5. Ooo, sorry about your headcold (blah!!) but you look super cute in all that purple attire! It is a good color on you :).

  6. Hope you feel better soon! And sweating out a cold usually works for me! So, heading out when you're feeling a little 'blah' makes perfect sense to me. :)