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Monday, January 10, 2011

Things to be proud of

This is a face filled with pride.

LBM was so proud of what he had accomplished unattended in the bathroom.
"Happy Mommy?" is what he asked when I saw him from the door way.

We all have things that we love to do.
Things that we feel we are good at and take pride in doing.
For each of us these things are different. 
I have several things that I love to do that make me feel proud of accomplishing them.
I take pride is doing things on my own, like fixing our pellet stove or rehanging the front door.
I enjoy crafting, making cards and headbands.
 At our house I often have show and tell time with Hubbs when he comes home for the weekend.  My wonderful hubbs gets drug lead around the house as I show off all my latest creations and home repairs.
Everyone has something that they do that makes them feel happy and that they just can't wait to share with everyone. 
No one thing is better or more important.
We each just have "our" thing.
Most of us have running as a common passion but rarely are we people of a singular focus.
I remind you all today that there are many things in your life that bring you joy.  There are simple things that fill you with pride. 
Maybe emptying a can of shaving cream all over your head and face won't fill you with pride and make you happy but there are many many things in your day that will or at least can.

LBM so proud of his shaving

What besides running fills you?

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  1. Being a mom fills me up some days, but sucks me dry others. (This is one of the dry days--they are home on yet another snow day and fighting.) Investing in others really fills me up--I'm blessed that I had the opportunity to be a RRCA coach and am currently coaching about 7 runners for their first half marathon. Despite being a slow (and currently injured) runner, coaching is really fulfilling.

  2. LMAO! Love it! Too cute! That look of triumph is priceless.

  3. Looking at that little face, how could you NOT be happy?

    Good point about finding things to take pride in OUTSIDE of running. I found so much joy and satisfaction in painting the main floor all by myself, I can't wait to tackle another room!

  4. omg. those pictures kind of want me to pop out a few babies right NOW hahah.

    cooking is starting to fulfill me. in fact, i'm having a cooking party with a friend tonight

  5. Great post - really got me thinking! I have so many things to be thankful for...

  6. So sweet. And what a cutie!
    Bedtime with my 3 year old son is what fills me. Tonight, my son said he needed to go to bed so he could start dreaming and give monsters kisses "because they're sad and need them". Being a mom totally does it for me. :)

  7. he is a cutie pie!

  8. What a PRECIOUS post, you made me smile and think...my job fills me with joy, running with my husband, playing with my grandson...
    your little guy is so cute!

  9. he is soooo cute! My monkeys...isn't it amazing how they fill you in ways that other things can't?