Daily Chatter

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh! What a Night!

There are days when I really wonder how on earth I survive.
okay, that's an overstatement I know many have it much more difficult than I but...
Take last night for example, after dragging myself through work working all day, the kids and I went to the grocery store (I really dislike running errands after work!) and then headed home. 
That is to say we got home later than usual.
I got the kids settled in and even though I have a cold I hopped on the treadmill with movies from RedBox.  After the first mile or so I could breath so much better and the kids were playing contently and I was completely engrossed in the movie Inception.  I might have ran a bit longer than I should have.
Once I realized I'd better stop I did want any runner first parent would do I rounded out my miles stop as soon as I could.
A quick dash into the shower and thanks to a easy to make supper we were quickly eating while doing homework.  Well, S'ghetti girl had actually gotten most of her homework done solo and I simply had to check it while wrangling/feeding/swatting/cleaning LBM.
Then it was off the baths and dealing with S'ghetti girl's rat's nest long hair.  After removing the tangles from hair and dirt from bodies I thought I might actually get our evening back on schedule.
But no.
That's not how it is when you are doing the married-single-parenting-must-run-a-zillion-miles-a-week thing.
The house was filled with white smoke.
Our pellet stove.
God Bless trying to do the earth friendlier thing.
After way too much time and another round of smoke filled house I gave up and decided that I would at least get to see my daughter before she went to bed. 
And that is about all we got to do, see each other.
Do I regret running and taking that time for myself?
Not for a minute.
I know there will be days when I don't get it all placed neatly within the lines.
I know there will be days when I feel like I can do everything and love it.
But mostly there will be days filled with experinces.
While the kids didn't enjoy the smoke filled house, they got to see mommy handling it, they got to help and honestly it was nice to see how well we worked together to try and get it all done.

Day # 240 ~ Tuesday p.m. run before the smoke

This morning we started a new day.
I wonder what experinces it will bring.

What kind of day are you having?


  1. i love movies from redbox. sadly i am having a slooooooooooooooow day! i hope it picks up soon. but in a good way. not a bad one

  2. I am having an awesome day! =)

    We also had to deal with white smoke from our stove during Christmas Eve! That was hilarious!

  3. You just never know what will happen next in the "It's Just One Foot in Front of the Other" household. :) Glad you got your run in AND had some great QT with the kiddos.

  4. i've been having those kinds of days all week. of course i didn't fill the house with white smoke, just set off the smoke detector from something bubbling over in the stove, but still...

  5. Did you like inception? I though it was pretty good. I am on my second sick day. It is lame but I will get through :)