Daily Chatter

Monday, January 31, 2011


It was 3 degrees this morning.
It was brisk and invigorating.
I find an odd kind of beauty in a morning like this one.

It seem the colder the temperature gets the quieter it becomes.
I am missing that quietness in all my treadmill running lately.
Although I am enjoying the benefits of running in one place; being home with the kids, watching movies and not having to pee in cornfields, I am also eager to get back to those quiet reflective runs.

In the meantime, we enjoyed a weekend of running in one place and exhausting afternoons of playing in the snow.  We built snowmen, had snowball fights,  

 played on the swings and

sledded down hills.
Now this is a kind of cross training I can really get into no matter the weather!

33 days until the Seneca Greenway Trail 50k
47 days until the HAT Run Trail 50k 


  1. It does get quiet when it is cold. It is a different quiet, a much more peaceful quiet than summer quiet. Enjoy those moments!

  2. Winter can be beautiful, but I am looking longingly at your cornfield picture! Clear roads and shorts... ahhhhhh!

  3. 3 degrees. wow.

    I can't even imagine.

    Loving the swing photo. Adorable.

  4. i have to admit that while I love my Florida weather, I was really loving my run in KC last week.. it was crisp and refreshing. love your positive outlook as always

  5. it was way cold and definitely quiet. i always think about how when things get cold molecules and atoms stop moving fast and that's why it gets quiet haha!

  6. "Brisk and invigorating" are certainly the optimist's spin on 3 degrees!

  7. I hope it is warmer on your 50K days. BRRRR!! OK I think 38 is cold, I cannot even imagine 3 my face would freeze off.

    Lately I need noise, if it gets too quiet I think too much and that is NOT GOOD..too sad..

  8. Awesome time with your kiddos - it's funny, they never seem to mind the cold as much!

  9. Amazing photos! And sledding counts as cross training in my book! :)