Daily Chatter

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How'd Your January Go?

Miles Ran: 296.3 (Year total: 296.3)
Yeah,I know.  Why not just run the 3.7 miles and make it 300

Rest Days Taken: 0

The Streak:  January 31st was Day # 267 of the streak 2147.5 miles
361 Runs

Highest Mileage Week: 1/03 - 1/09 (DM Weeks) 80 miles

Races: None, so sad.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Which Outfit did I Wear the Most:  Find Your Happy Pace (One More Mile Shirt)

What We Are Watching: Chicken Little

Funniest Kid Quote: Since the majority of my runs are on the treadmill lately, LBM has gotten used to me running each evening.  My new favorite is when he joins me downstairs and asks, "Run Mommy?"  I tell him. "Yes Mommy running now."  When he hears the treadmill stop he comes back and asks, "Done?  Mommy happy?"  No response needed.

Current Triumph: Not going crazy
Current Goal:

Personal: Figuring it all out
Running/Fitness: Prepare for my March Ultras

Current Blessing:  Amazing time with my kids

Current Excitement:  The Bull Run 50 miler Lottery
Current Concern: Figuring it all out

How did your December days add up?


  1. You are so awesome, Shelly. Sooooo hardcore! :)

  2. Wow!! 296 miles in one month??? That is amazing!! :)

  3. As always, Shelly, you continue to inspire me with your awesomeness...never give that up. I hope you get things figured out soon...and when you do, tell me the magical answer, I've been stewing over this for way too long.

    The headbands came the other day - THANK YOU! I picked two and sending the other two back, along with payment. LOVE THEM! Thanks again!

  4. wow no rest day?! you are amazing girl! =)

  5. The streak continues and you just about hit 300 miles for the month. Continue to inspire my dear!!! I will also pray you can figure it all out as needed. <3

  6. as always I am thoroughly impressed with you. I wish you the best :)

  7. Great recap! Wow, 80 miles in a week?!?

    I hope things come together for you this month...

  8. You always amaze me with such high mileage! And you make it seem as though it's effortless!

  9. awwww mommy happy? that is soo cute and seriously so true right? :) you are doing such an amazing thing I love that you are staying healthy!!

  10. Great post! December is a blur, but January began my training for marathon #4

  11. Seriously...I look at your numbers and can't believe it sometimes...that fricken rocks! Way to go!