Daily Chatter

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A few links to share

Coffee on the Patio is a great blog.  They share a wealth of information geared towards women over 40.  They ae hosting a Kohl's giveaway.  You couldn't use a little extra money for shopping, right?

Rachels giveaways is hosting a SPIBelt giveaway.  I must admit that since joining the online world of blogging about my running I have become a bit more interested in all the wonderful useful running equipment that is available.  Can you believe that I used to just tie my shoes and head out the door with a note left on the refidgerator in case I didn't come back?  Not anymore.  Now I have my RoadId, GUs, hydration packs filled with Nuun, reflective gear, headlamps and the list goes on.  While I still often leave the house with just that note on the fridge it's nice to know running is made easier and safer with a few little extras.

You will not believe this one.  Girl Gone Mom is hosting a giveaway for fitness equipment!  Fitness Equipment Express is sponsoring a recumbent bike for giveaway.  Now that is so cross training that I need!

As you can see this weather has left me with a little bit of time on my hands but now that I have exercised my fingers for a while I'll go exercise my body with a run. 

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. I am still amazed by the number of giveaways in BlogWorld. Some weeks, I simply can't keep up with them.

  2. Thanks for the FYI on the give a ways and I loved your last post about NUMBERS. I had just been having those thoughts during my runs this morning, thank you!!

  3. Just getting all caught up and had to check in with my favorite/inspirational runner - YOU! I want to be like Shelly one day! I'm aiming for 100 days right now, so I'm working on still balancing it all or "fitting it in". Thanks for the good blog plugs, you amaze me with all of that, too!
    Have a wonderful week my friend!!