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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Three Things Thursday ~ Helping Edition

I recently got a pair of compression shorts to review. 
I have worn them during several runs none longer than 8 miles.   
I only want to share a few things about the shorts right now since I don't feel that I have given them enough of a workout to know if my recovery is being helped by them.
First the seaming is not the same as the photo on the site.  It makes the shorts look more like briefs with legs attached.  However, this does not effect the feel of them at all it simply looks odd to me.
Now what I like about them.  I love how they needed my thigh measurement to fit me.  And I love how they fit.  Tight but not too tight. 
I have even worn them to bed several nights after really tiring run days.  The tights did help with the sore tired feeling I would have expected to have in the morning.  They did not make me feel too hot while I sleep or when I worn them while playing Wii Just Dance 2.
Overall, I feel they are helping me through some heavy miles weeks and keeping my legs from feeling as tired as I have experinces in the past.

I've told you how LBM likes to help with things like putting "bubbles" in the bathtub which turned out to be hair gel.  For his latest helping adventure he took advantage of playing downstairs while I was running on the treadmill.  Oh when will I get him back in that jogger?  Normally S'ghetti Girl helps keep an eye on him while I run but when he come downstairs she will usually start her homework and he will play with the extra toys stored in the workout junk room.  Some nights he hangs really close and other nights he comes and goes from the room playing with our cat.
I don't worry there are not many things in the basement to get in trouble with.  And I am sure he never thought he'd be in trouble for cleaning the cat box.
Remember, he is 2.  Sorry no photo of LBM holding kitty poop.
I think he used the scoop...most of the time.

Last night I got the nicest little gift my my daughter.  I had put in a decent mid-length run and was going to tell the kids I was done when my daughter asked me to "run a little longer."  She had created a game that she and her younger brother were playing and they weren't quite finished.  Maybe she knew I have been worried about my lack of long miles, maybe she was stalling because she didn't want to start homework whatever the real reason it wasn't so much the 2 extra miles that made me happy as it was the feeling that she knew I'd be so proud of her for playing so well with her little brother. 


  1. LBM is such a helper. Yuk! Where did he put the cat poop? In the toilet, I hope.

  2. i have a pair of compression shorts and i love them. they look small...almost too small, but they actually fit very well.

    LBM is a great little guy!

  3. I just got some in to review too,as much as I love my compression socks, I'm interested to see how the shorts do.

  4. ugh to the cat poop, but what a good little helper :-)

    I have never tried anything compression, but I think I should. Maybe I'll start with socks since I seem to have the worst time with my calves.

  5. I can't wait to hear more about the CEP compression shorts. I have their socks and I love them to death. I have zoot compression tights and I don't love them. Let us know if the shorts are worth it!