Daily Chatter

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wondering on Wednesday

Day 274 ~ 4 a.m. - 8 p.m. miles

I am getting really good at sending a photo via my dumb smart phone and then sorta forgetting to finish my blog.  They way my phone sends things is realllllly boring so I like to liven it up a little bit.  However in doing things this way, I often have comments before I even finished writting my post.
So that got me thinking.
yeah, running screaming.  It's scary! I was thinking.

How often do you find yourself commenting the same thing(s) on blogs?
Do you comment simply to show you were there?
Or only when you have something to honestly add?

Just wondering.


  1. you mean like saying . .

    you've. freaking. got. this. ?? [yep, I love "my line"].

    I always read blogs - always. If I'm viewing on my phone I don't always leave a comment. :(

    Sometimes I post small/short comments other times long/lengthy/silly ones. Not really sure always as to why . . . . but I love this question!!

  2. I very rarely read a blog post without commenting - even if I don't necessarily have anything to "contribute". I love receiving comments from people, even when they're short and sweet, to know that they dropped by and read what I had to say.

    That being said - I try to leave thoughtful comments as often as I can, and I always appreciate those ones the most. The ones that let you know the reader is really paying attention and making an effort to KNOW me. Ya know?

  3. I only comment when I have something to say. Honestly, I read a lot of blogs and if I took the time to comment on them all, even a quick generic thing, it would take hours. So, if the post speaks to me, I comment. Otherwise, I don't.

  4. Little bit of both, honestly. I do try to make comments on most, though, because that's what blogging is all about--the interchange. IMHO

  5. I comment rarely. I like reading blogs and other people's comments, but I don't leave my own comments very often.

  6. I like to comment when it's pertinent. Sometimes I don't really have an opinion on a subject or don't feel like being targeted if my opinion could be construed as "wrong" (not that that'd EVER happen...lol) - I'm pretty introverted. Of course, a job well done always deserves at least a quick congratulations.

  7. Depends. When I'm reading on my phone I honestly don't know how to comment without destroying my phone... I'm terrible like that...

    When I'm reading on my computer I usually only comment when I've got something to say. Oh, and when a blogger has something 'happy' or 'PR-ish' to share, I'll stick to 'Yay', because I want to let them know that I'm happy for them. :)

  8. I read a lot and comment too. I might not read one blog every single day, but it's usually several times a week.

  9. I try to comment a lot if I have time, simply because I appreciate comments so much. But if I'm reading on my phone, I don't because it's a PITA. I tend to comment on the same blogs generally speaking, but will comment too on posts that speak to me...

  10. Kudos to you to have the ability to take self portraits with your phone. Mine makes it near impossible to get a decent pic. Commenting…I do all the above. I will comment the same thing. Sometimes it is because I haven't commented and want to let the author know I'm still visiting. Occasionally I feel I have something to honestly add, but lately this one has been few and far between.

  11. I usually ask myself if I would say my comment out loud in a conversation. If not, then I usually hold back commenting.