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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Three Things Thursday ~ Sticky Edition

I am offically on the wait list of the Bull Run 50 miler.  Just this past weekend I sorta told my husband I was wanting to do a 50 miler "...maybe in April."  That's how I put it.  I told him that on the heels of reminding him that I have 2 50ks in March.  I guess you could say I am in a sticky situation with Hubbs.

  LBM is getting so independent lately.  He wants to do everything by himself.  And by everything I mean regardless of the mess it makes he just attempts to do it himself. 
Pour his own drink?  Yep.  Half a gallon of milk on the floor but some in the glass.
Clear his place after dinner?  Yep.  Plate, silverware and scraps all somewhere between the table and the trash can.
Put the bubbles in the tub at bathtime?  Yep.  Well, that would be a not exactly.  When LBM thought he was being helpful in putting the bubbles in, he actually put in an entire bottle of hair gel.
Mega Hold hair gel!

Look what the great folks at Build A Sign sent me!
They are amazing. 
It was so fun and easy to create my stickers.  I think I may use this idea for party favors for S'ghetti girls next birthday bash.  She loved helping me change the design a hundred times.  But she wanted pink of course.
Want one?  Send me your address.  Just that easy


  1. Well, looks like he's staying put in the bathtub for awhile :).

    Ahh, the hubbs will understand. You gotta do what you gotta do!!! :)

  2. Cute spin on Th-Th-Th with the "sticky" theme. :)

    Hope the hubbs is okay with the ultra plans! I thank my lucky stars every day that my hub is into this crazy sport of marathoning as much as I am. Makes it a lot easier... but more expensive since we have to pay all the race fees x 2. ;)

  3. It's good that LBM wants to be indepedent, and it's good to allow him to be, but man alive, those kiddos sure create a lot of work for moms and dads by learning to do things on their own!

  4. Love the sticker you made! It is a great one. I remember the phase of wanting to do everything alone. It is fun, but messy!

  5. That sticker looks amazing! And your slogan rocks! Now, go brand yourself! ;)

  6. You are a rockstar! Does the hubbs know that??

    I can totally relate to life with LBM. Gotta love this age =) It's a good things they come cute.

    And I'd LOVE a sticker. Wanna trade??