Daily Chatter

Monday, February 7, 2011


This weekend, Saturday to be precise, I almost thought that this streak was over.
I don't know who snatched my body but she was not a runner!
I had the entire day to get out and put in 20ish miles on the trails.  The whole day.
What did I do to keep from getting out the door?  Well, I...

1.  slept in
2.  didn't fuel my body
3.  I gathered tax documents
4.  I started to clean the bathroom...
...S'ghetti girl's room...
...the cat box....
...the kitchen...
...the dishes.
5.  watched parts of 6 movies
6.  I opened the front door 25 times to check the weather.
7.  started to take down the Christmas tree (yes you read that right!)
8.  took a long hot shower.

The excuses...
1.  I must have needed the sleep since LBM still gets up most nights.
2.  I don't like to eat before I run anyway
3.  I promised myself I would get the papers together this weekend
4.  It was dirty...it was dirty...it was dirty...it was dirty...they were dirty.
5.  The tv was on and I got sucked in.
6.  It was freezing rain.
7.  Okay is there any excuse for having a Christmas tree still up on February 5th?
8.  I thought it would help me get motivated.

I know the suspense is killing you but of course I did run.
2 miles
on the treadmill very late Saturday night.

All this reminds me that sometimes I just need to realign my thinking.  I was not happy that I allowed the freezing rain to keep me from doing what I have scheduled.  I know that as a working mom I have to take advantage of the opportunity to run when I have.  I also know that I will not pick the weather on race day.  So I have to be willing to run in less than perfect conditions however I am willing to admit that on any given day you just don't know what kind of runner you'll be.
So I took an unexpected step way back week.
So I disappointed myself with an unproductive day.
Sunday I got right back on track with 10 miles and this morning I got up early and got in 4 steady miles.
I realigned my attitude and put myself back on track.

No fair weather fans here!
This morning I am back on track and Steeler Proud.


  1. You might not have realized that you just needed a break, so try not to be too hard on yourself.

  2. nice to meet another Steeler's fan ... I go back to the Franco Harris, Lynn Swann, Terry Bradshaw days.

  3. Freezing rain tends to do that to me as well so you're not alone. Step back weeks are always beneficial right?

  4. 2 miles is 2 miles. and u did not break the streak.
    will you ever?

  5. loved this.

    Love that the Christmas tree is down before V-day. that's the rule right?! ;)

    That photo is awesome.

  6. 2 Miles still keeps that streak going!! I actually still have my xmas tree up I have to admit.. :P So don't worry!!

  7. i still have yet to take the christmas tree down. so you're in good company :)

  8. 2 miles is 2 miles!! Good for you for getting it in!
    I love your picture...your hair looks adorable!

  9. What Marlene said! You've been running for so long it's no wonder you were less than enthusiastic. At least 2 miles is better than no running at all.

  10. We all have days we don't want to. You still did a few miles and you re-adjusted and jumped back on track. Sometimes, I also believe our bodies tell us its just time to take a rest! Keep up the great job!