Daily Chatter

Saturday, February 5, 2011


For years I have concerned myself with numbers.
The number of hours of rest I can mange to get.
The number of miles I can run.
The number of miles I needed to run.
The number of calories I eat.
The number of calories I burn.
The number of pounds that I weigh.
The number of pound I want to weigh.

Even after all the worry over the numbers I rarely was satisfied with the results.  I knew what I wanted was so much a magical number as it was a change in what I was capable of doing with the body I had been given.
I know to achieve that I have to make changes to the way I doing things.
I have to change my focus from the numbers to what those numbers really represent.
I don't need to change the amount of air my body displaces, i.e., just get smaller, I need to change what my body is made up of. 
More muscle and less fat.
When you think about it that way it seem so easy.

Mike at 26.2 is my cooldown is having a very timely giveaway.  One I am really excited about.

Mike is giving away a Tanita BC-1000.  

The Tanita BC-1000 measures your weight, body fat percentage, body water percentage, muscle mass, your bone mass, and a couple of other indicators. The machine has no actual display — it connects to your PC through a wireless ANT+ USB stick (like your Garmin does) and uploads the data to included software. Right now it is only economical to use the BC-1000 with a PC, so if you have a mac, you will want to select another product. You can track the changes in your key indicators daily if you want.

Now I have every intention of winning this giveaway but since there is a chance someone else might win, I'd rather it be one of my friends than a total stranger so go over and get to know all things Mike at 26.2 is my cooldown.  He really does have a lot of great information to share and is open to everyone's opinions and thoughts.


  1. I am such a numbers JUNKIE. I actually have a really hard time NOT consuming myself with numbers.

    THIS looks like a really neat too. Thanks for sharing - but I hope you win!!!

  2. Yep - I'm into the numbers too. What time do I wake up, how fast should I run this, how many k's to do today and don't start me on the numbers from the scales.

  3. I'm a math person. Numbers appeal to me, but they also drive me crazy in the same way they do you.
    One of us better win that giveaway:)

  4. i'm a numbers person too. it's so bad that i refuse to get a garmin because i know that i'll become more obsessed!