Daily Chatter

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Spending my day in sweat pants, catching up on all the latest kid shows, coloring, doing puzzles and singing the alphabet have all become my new comfortable.  What I didn't realize was while I was getting comfortable in life I have also gotten a bit comfortable in my training as well. 
At first the thought of a May 100 miler, while intimidating, was so seemingly far off that I felt comfortable in being able to do the required work to physically and mentally go the distance.  Because that is the goal, go the distance.  But now less than 9 weeks away that same 100 miles seems like something beyond what I can imagine.  But then again how many people can imagine running 100 miles on trails up and down a mountain?  So when life sent me a nice little reminder that I shouldn't get too comfortable I took notice.
I took a look at what I can do with these last 9 weeks.  Of course I've got the running part down seeing how it's day 1019 of the running streak but the cross training; course specific running/hiking, weight lifting, core strengthening, flexibility training and actual recovering time, are things I can really focus on to help me enjoy the journey to my first 100 mile finish line.  I will be putting pen to paper to help me stick to a cross training plan while I continue to put miles on my feet. 
Speaking of those miles, this weekend the super secret spy; D, my dedicated pacer for MMT 100 and I will be running Hashawha Hills 50k.  This course holds my 50k PR when I ran it in 2012.  Read about it HERE.  I can not wait to see what I have on this course again.  Although I know that D will probably remind me that this year is about the 100 and my focus needs to be on the fact that this is a training run not  a race.  She will probably remind me that HH will be a cake walk compared to the ubber long training run we have on the Massanutten Mountain Trails course the following weekend.  I will keep all those things in mind plus the fact that the super secret spy will be running his first 50k at HH as I prepare these last few wake ups.
Since I don't want to get comfortable I will be setting some goals which I will share tomorrow.  But feel free to offer your advice on what goals I should be setting.  Do you think I should run the race with the super secret spy and just use it for "time on my feet".  Do you think I should run it with nothing left and go after a new PR?  Or do you think something in between? 


  1. I have zero advice. It take sme a whole month to run 100 miles, so unless you want to just block off a few weeks for your race, I doubt I have anything to offer to this!

  2. Maybe you could start out with the hubby, then when you feel comfortable go for it!

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  4. Only you know your body and mind and what it's capable of (and thinking most) right now, but I think since you have enough time to recover from this race before the 100, you should totally go for the PR.

    Love LB's pic!! :)


  5. I definitely think you should run it with the hubby!
    I will be there this weekend too. I was on the wait list and just got in on Monday. Needless to say, I'm not sure I'm up for the full 50k now. My plan was to do just one loop but after reading your report from last year, it makes me want to try for the whole shabang! We will see.
    Good Luck with what ever you decide to do :)

  6. Maybe make a game day decision! ;)
    Have a great time!