Daily Chatter

Friday, March 29, 2013

Numbers, Chocolate and Scary Movie Overload

Today is streak day 1055.  I've ran 9255.9 miles. 
That's an average of 8.8 miles a day.  61.4 a week.
I'm tired.
But the only thing that makes me feel less tire is more running. 

Today also marks 50 days before Massanutten.  You might remember that's a little 100 miler that I tried to get into last year.  You know that year that I was in great shape and set a bunch of new PRs.  Yeah, that year.  I didn't get in.  But luckily [insert sarcasm] not getting in almost guaranteed that I'd get in this year.  The year of big changes.  The year of over training.  The year of a loss of fitness.
50 days

Let's just set that aside for a moment. 
Because I only have ONE day before my next training run.
The chocolate bunny
I wish a little bit more of this
 was involved and a whole lot less of
CB won't actually be so bad, it's only 26.6 miles after all.
[insert ultra humor]
 BUT it all happens at night. 
I'm hoping it seems something like this...
But in reality it might go down more like this...
The only thing missing is the vampire that is chasing me.  Come to think of it that might actually get me to run faster but I doubt I'd have much luck staying on course. 
Okay it's clearly a no for the vampire part. 
I don't want to miss celebrating Easter.  The family will all be home warm in their beds dreaming sweet dreams while I am racing around the dark, cold wilderness trying to forget how I just watched
Breaking Dawn Part II.


  1. I really want that chocolate bunny right now! I may need to sneak one into a shopping cart very soon.

    Congrats on day 1055 and awesome average daily mileage! Keep up the great work.

  2. You are amazing and awesome - in the true sense of those words, not the "Dude, that's awesome!" way that they're used today. I can't believe that you've averaged over 8 miles a day for the past (almost) 3 years. That's just.... wow. If I had a chocolate bunny, I'd totally give it to you. =)

  3. you know I"ve never done a night race, but totally want to!! except ummm not 26.2 or farther

  4. Good Job,
    did the bunny make it or is he history?

  5. wow great streak. Good luck with Massanutten