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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A funny story aka why I don't go commando

On Daily Mile there is a daily question.  It is usually something fun to answer so I try to participate often.  Today's question was this: 

Today's #dailymission

Whoops! Share your worst training or race day wardrobe malfunction story.

I thought the answer was funny enough to share the amusement here. 
Happy Hump Day.

One of my worst training or race day wardrobe malfunctions came more in the form of an absence of wardrobe than a lack of it's performance.

Quite a few years ago I raced canoes

Ones like this

Not like this

Those days were some of the most fun-filled days of my life.  I loved being on the water.  We would train in the canoe for hours and then run through the trails.  Days that were pretty much heaven on earth to me.

As we prepared for an upcoming race by putting in an extremely long training paddle, our canoe sprung a leak.  We were in the middle of no where.  We got to the bank and assessed the damage.  It was a small hole but we didn't have anything with us to apply a temporary repair so that we could finish the paddle to our pickup site.

That day there we 3 of us.  One solo canoe and on C2.  One of the guys suggested that we just plug the hole with something and paddle hard.  They needed something that wouldn't absorb water like the cotton tee shirts they were wearing and looked at me.  In those days I regularly worked out in just a sports bra and shorts. 

They wanted my shorts.

We had to portage the canoes for miles to a road and then run to the nearest house to ask to use their phone.  In the boonies there are few houses and no cell coverage.

And that was the last day I ever went commando.


  1. First off, that's really cool that you used to do a lot of canoeing...I did not know that about you!

    Second, I wear the shorts all the time with the liner in them and do not wear undies underneath. Done this for 30 years .... but hum, interesting reason why you'd want to. Hahah!

    Great story :).

    1. I loved doing it! It was such a fun time. Running and water, without the swimming part. Well, most of the time. I went in a time or two.

  2. Hilarious!

    Since having the kids, I just can't bring myself to go commando. It makes me feel old, but I'll take old over - um - chafed.

  3. oh no! so you did it!?! i'd hafta say, no way, buddy, let's use YOUR shorts!! ;-)

    1. No way, I didn't give them! That's why we had to portage the canoe. I don't think their wives would have liked me giving up my shorts. ;-)

  4. Ha ha. Best reason in the world!

  5. HAHAHAHA love this story! thanks for the Friday chuckle!