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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

But it's MINE!

My big girl work life is probably a bit atypical.  I don't have a boss to answer to but a board of five members.  I never see them.  Well, rarely ever.  I go about my day without any instruction from anyone but myself.  Of course I should note that I have been at my current job for almost 13 years. I have my daily work down fairly well by now.  My work days are spent mostly in solitude with little customer interaction and only two other employees working on the property. 
In my mind, I have the BEST job ever!

My job has been one of the factors that has created and sustained my married-single-parenting lifestyle.  But as of June 1st it will no longer be a factor.  That will be my last in-office day at the big girl job.  That day I will have to hand over my duties to someone else.  Since I have held this position since the beginning of my place of employment's existence, letting go will be a challenging thing...


I feel a little bit like a child who doesn't really want to share and is only doing it because a grown up is watching.  Do you remember when your children behaved that way?  Well that is going to be me in a couple weeks when I have to train the new hire to take my job....


Even as I read through the growing pile of resumes I feel that selfish child yell out from inside of me that I don't really want to share. 


I look out the window and think about what it will mean to not have to go to work any more.  The hours of time I will get to spend with my children and not be rushing to work or from work.  I won't be squeezing in my runs while quizzing my daughter on her spelling words.  What must it feel like to have time?  Time enough to not rush in doing everything that you need to do. 
In 30 more days I get to find out!

Are you a stay at home mom or domestic goddess?  Share how you made the switch!


  1. My switch was made for me because I got laid off when I was 8 months pregnant (my boss was a real saint). I had over a month to get used to being home before I had a baby as a boss!

  2. I've been a stay at home working mom for the entire lives of my children until January when I went OUT of the home looking for work (in addition to my in home job)and it's been tough. I think that the fact that I really don't want to work at all is the biggest trouble here :D If it were up to me I would play with my kids, go on hikes, run with friends, swim in the river and just enjoy being with the people I love.
    Work.Schmurk. I can live without it!

  3. I'd like to THINK I am both. ;)

    Working from home is my heaven. Here to take to school here to bring home from school, do homework, etc......but work the whole while she's at school.

    i love it.

  4. I'm like Emz - work from home Mom. It was always so easy when my kids were younger to be there all the time. If the school rang because someone was sick or injured I could just pop out and pick them up and then continue to work. School holidays were never an issue. It was absolutely the best option for me.

  5. I made the switch when my oldest was 7 months old. This was after three months of maternity leave and four months of trying to work from my house with a baby attached to me. So, I don't know if I am the best person to ask. I made the switch at a time when parenting was super new and consumed me totally. However, I have grown to love it. I like being there for the little people, not having someone dictate a third of my life, and being able to follow my own schedule. And, I have heard that as kids get older, they need their parents even more. For me, though, I will probably be heading back to work in the next few years. And, then it will be me wondering how to transition back into it all.

    I don't know what your situation is, but I think you'll definitely love the wiggle room that not working allows. :) Enjoy it!

  6. I am so excited to see what this change brings to you and your family. I think you will quite enjoy it and will find new ways to define yourself. Plus you'll be way closer to me!

  7. I am in a similar situation - and believe me - I understand your jitters. I have two children 7 & 5 and I have always worked. It did consume alot of my time but I had a flex schedule so I was not confined to an office. I got to spend alot of time with them and still contribute to my family's financial well-being. Now my job is changing - and I am resigning soon. I am happy, scared, and excited all at once. I have another similar job lined up but if it falls through -second interview soon - I will embrace fully being a stay at home mom that will probably work part-time - I cannot sit home when my kids are in school (Volunteer - This I am the most excited about) and Run... Alot.. Alot more than I do now. I look forward to having dinner done - early - Running when the kids are in school and not taking away from our time. For Everything has a Season.. - It will just be a different kind of happiness that awaits you.

    Keep your readers posted.

  8. Really enjoying all of the comments - I become a stay at home mom at the end of July...yikes!

  9. Domestic goddess is a job title I'd love (assuming it means stay at home wife that occasionally vacuums) but sorry to say I have no advice on that issue. It sounds sweet though. Enjoy your free time!