Daily Chatter

Monday, April 30, 2012

Debbie Downer

Lately I feel like my name should be Debbie as in Downer.  Need proof?

1.  Based on the feedback my last post put a downer spin on the Big Move.  Even though I am actually excited the change and the new opportunities it will bring.

2.  I spent the majority of the weekend Boo-hooing the fact that I couldn't get a sitter worked out for the Catch Me If You Can 10 miler that, until this past Saturday, I held the Female Master's record in.  Well, I still hold the record but a new runner took the Master's title this year. 

3.  While I was trying to make everyone happy this weekend I ended up disappointing everyone instead.
Examples:  Sleep over wasn't long enough. 

 Friends didn't get to come to the soccer game with us. 

Couldn't stay at the play ground like usual. 

Almost completely miss my sister's baby shower.  Forgot her presents. 

Some days you just want to get back into bed.

BUT today is a new day.

Today I will be a Susie Sunshine and learn from my weekend.

1.  I am one day closer to the Big Move and can't wait to see what new things my family will be able to enjoy together.

2.  Almost certainly, there will be another race. 

3.  Often when I try to do too many things at one time, I don't do any of them very well.  So next time I'll learn to say no before I over commit myself.

4.  Today is day # 722 and I am only days away from knowing if my first 100 will be Massanutten Mountain Trails or not.  Either way I'm going to be thrilled to simply know and move forward.

How do you bounce back from a "bad" weekend?


  1. We all have those days hon. Allow yourself to recognize, and make the best of today! xoxo!!

  2. I really hope that you get into the race! I bet that will make you full of sunshine :)

  3. We can't be rosey all the time! Sometimes those downers are just the kick in the pants we need! Change is hard, but I know you will greet it and embrace it.
    Here's to that 100 miler. Are we close???

  4. Those sound like my PMS thoughts! When I get down on myself & think negatively, I give myself 2 put-ups: two things I find positive either about me or my life or what I am grateful for. It has taken years to to recognize the negative thought patterns (weird when your in it - you can't see it sometimes), stop and redirect. Good luck.

  5. We all have those days! Just think of the BIG smile you are going to be sporting when you get word you are IN for the 100!

  6. I'm guilty of the same thing - too much and not doing it well. That's the big thing I'm struggling with right now.

    Pinky swear that it's sunshine for the rest of the week?

  7. I had a couple downer days dissappointed about HTC....I let myself get sucked into that negative place.. Thankfully I don't like feeling that way and I know that I CAN control how I see the world.. So I put on a happy face and created my own way to make myself smile..

    Any running with my hubby is the best part of 2012 running so far, not many people have that..

    Hang in there lady... I WISH I could email the people on your race and get them to take you!!!