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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jogging Stroller Entertainment aka Distraction Techniques

 Life as a running mom offers many opportunities to be creative, especially since I have been doing that married-single-parenting thing for the past how many years.  Thanks to my situation I have spent more than my share of hours behind a jogging stroller and over the years I've developed what might be a few original distraction techniques aka how to get the run done.
Biking Sherpa wearing LBM hat mid-run

As your kids get older it helps to be creative.  Like bringing along someone else to help amuse your jogging stroller passengers.  Biking Sherpa often has more energy during our runs to amuse LBM.  She chatters with him even I might not be able to keep up with his nonstop conversations, points out interesting things to occupy his attention and helps retrieve thrown toys.
She is willing to do whatever it takes to help keep our little passenger happy.  Even if it is slightly embarrassing.

Mommy I think I can squeeze some juice out of this one

Another handy amusement is chucking produce.  When you buy the mega-quantity of clementines at Sam's Club and half of them go bad, you can feed the local wildlife and entertain your running companion by allowing them to chuck them into the woods along the road.  
Word of Caution:  make sure your little understands and will obey when you tell them not to chuck them at cars, bikes or other passers by. 

Watch out squirrel!

Of course THE best way to ensure a happy running trip for everyone is to do it regularly and end with a reward to your well behaved running companion.  Extra time outside playing, getting to ride bikes or blowing bubbles after the run are all things that my kids enjoyed as simple rewards for being great passengers. 
Everyone happy = successful jogging stroller run

Teaching your children at a young age that being active is a part of your daily life will go a long way in how they integrate health and fitness into their own lives. 

What techniques have you found helpful in keeping your little one happy while on the run?


  1. My darling daughter loves to blow bubbles while I run. I have found the little tiny bottles you can find around holidays work great. That and the promise that we will go to the park after or she can run with me after works good too!

    1. Wow, I wish I had thought of bubbles when my kids were still in the stroller!

  2. That's a cute idea, to throw bad clementines out to the wildlife...never thought about that one. You're so creative! My wee-ones are older now and need to entertaining, at least not while I'm running ;).

  3. Food used to always do the trick. Now I put the remote in their hand and tell them I'll be back! Hee, hee.

  4. I need to bookmark this post for later in life :)

  5. Mainly, I just brought lots of snacks and portable toys. Musical books were a HUGE hit for us. They seemed to have a blast playing the songs and flipping the pages. Little toys for pretend play worked, too, as did Leapsters as they got older. We had a Chariot, which was enclosed, so there was no need to retrieve toys, thankfully.

  6. I love that you bring your little one along for your runs. I absolutely think you are instilling good habits. And I'm so impressed your miles involve pushing that stroller. Uff da!

  7. I find that well timed snacks are key. She knows that she gets certain snacks at certain landmarks, so she doesn't eat them all too quickly. Also, musical books are a big hit lately.

    Love this post!

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