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Friday, April 20, 2012

A Perfect Day

After early morning doctor appointments
all good news
for Oldest Son and I, we fueled up for an afternoon of shopping and fun.


Oldest Son was pretty hungry from skipping breakfast due to our early morning appointments. 

Once we were home I was eager to run in my new Sauconys.  My fabulous sea green bright white ultra light weight super comfy Sauconys which I started wearing in October had to be retired for only short run or treadmill use.  I am happy to say that my spanking new shiny black with peaking out pink Sauconys were a welcomed change.  They felt amazing on my feet for a quick 6.5 mile loop to tire my legs.

Given that it was such a gorgeous day I made the most of it and practiced running on fatigued legs by following my loop up with another 10 miles at a slower pace.

I was a salty mess when I was done and I found the perfect place to rest after my run.
Staring at the clouds and blue sky laying on the trampoline in the backyard was a great way to appreciate the rest of my perfect day.

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  1. Pure delight and glad that there was good news for army son!