Daily Chatter

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Three Things Thursday ~ Stealing the limelight edition

Although I haven't been taking my usual after run photos, I've been running a lot this year.  I've already hit 1000 miles for the year.  This might be why I'm not posting as many self photos...
photo bomb by S'ghetti Girl!

LBM is also ready to steal the limelight.
It's nice how he matched his swim goggles with his underwear. 
Yeah, he goes that extra mile to get attention. 

But this week's attention stealer would have to be
this little sweetie.
My younger sis and her hubby welcomed their second blessing.
Samantha Grace
Congratulations to my amazing sister, her hubby and the new big brother.

....even getting into Massanutten may not be enough to get any attention around here for quite a while!


  1. WoW! He's cute! And looks so awake! All the best to your sissy and her family!

  2. Congratulation, Auntie :). She is really cute, so wide-eyed and happy :).

    DId you get into Massanutten? My client decided not to do it and pulled his entry....I instantly thought of you when I heard that :).

  3. Ah! I love new babies. Enjoy playing auntie!

  4. Congrats! What an adorable addition to the family!

  5. getting ready to post your story, i'm a turd for holding it so long!!