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Friday, April 13, 2012

Bull Run Run 2012 ~ Race Goals

As I began to think about what kind of goals I wanted to have in mind for my second visit to the Bull Run Run 50 miler, I went back and reread my 2011 Bull Run Run Report.  That had been my first 50 miler.  In ways, I feel as though I have learned so much since then and in other ways I feel like I am still making some of the same mistakes. 

Those mistakes are in large part due to my conflicting desires.  I want to run every.single.day and I want to run uber long distances and I want to still be running 5, 10, 50 years from now.  Being aware of these life goals isn't enough to make them a healthy reality.  These life goals are a lot like running an ultra.

When running an ultra it can be the little things you do in those early miles that either set your run up to be an amazing journey or destine your run to be a brutal challenge.  In my life, healthy habits early on have helped me get to a fitness level that I can fairly comfortably go out and run 50ks without any "real" training.  I have slowly built my mileage and frequency over the past 20 years and that habit has set the stage for the goals I now have.  But just as going out too fast in an ultra can cripple you in those final 10 miles, continuing to run long distances every single day/week will surely begin to take a toll on my distance and long term goals.

So with a much reduced week
and several single digit days I know that I have put myself into a better position to set some realistic goals for the
2012 Bull Run Run 50 miler
and here they are:

To arrive on time. To start. To finish.
aka: Finish Feeling Fine having Fun
My I CAN goal:
Finish in under 13:00
Yeah, that's the course limit 
My I LOVE IT goal:
To beat my PR.
With a current PR of 11:09 my I LOVE IT time would be 11:08 or better 
My I DREAM IT goal:
Under 11 hours but because I'm dreaming anyway,
I'd really being dreaming if I can run smart and strong and go sub 10:30
A girl can dream.

With these goals in mind, I will be running a steady and smart 30+ miles.  My body will be setting the pace.  I will simply be enjoying the ride.  Once I get through the Do Loop I will be reevaluating.  If there is any race to run this Saturday it will happen in the last 20 miles.  I'll get to wait and see.  What I do know is that on any given day I just don't know what I am capable of until I amaze myself doing it.

To all my friends racing this weekend and to the many running Boston, Run Strong and Smart!


  1. May all of your dreams come true Shelly! I can totally relate to your second to last line. :)

  2. You are capable of SO MUCH! Have a great run!

  3. Best of luck tomorrow! It looks like we'll at least have a drier trail compared to last year.

  4. Oh yeah, I was right; the 50 miler is this weekend. Good luck; kill it and go for the "I DREAMT IT" goal! I'll be sending good thoughts your way!

  5. Good luck tomorrow! I hope the trails bring you great joy and a PR to boot :)

  6. Good luck! I'm excited to read about your race this year!

  7. I have complete confidence and faith in you. You have proven to yourself that you can reach for the stars but won't do so without ensuring firm footing. You are gonna rock!

  8. I like the goal approach, especially the I finished feeling fine and had fun. I set PR, same as last time and finish having fun goals for each race. It helps put things in perspective. Good luck!