Daily Chatter

Friday, April 27, 2012

The winds of change

Last night as I stood holding my littlest niece, chatting with my sister; a storm rolled in and with it came a strong wind.

Being the middle sister I often felt like I was always trying to prove myself.  To what ends, I'm not sure.  I was the helper sister.  Still I enjoy being helpful to my sisters.  As the years have gone by life has provided fewer opportunities to be helpful.  As they each got older and got married, my sisters would turn to their husbands for help that I had once offered.  So last night it was wonderful to be helpful, even if only in a small way. 

I was a welcomed adult voice in my sister's baby-filled day.  I was a rest for her tired arms while I held her newest bundle.  My kids were a distraction for her 4 year old to give her the tiniest of breaks.

While we talked, I held her dozing little one and performed that hard-wired side-to-side rock, the storm grew outside.  She talked of, what else, that dozing little one.  Even though she longed for a reprieve in the baby focused days, as all mommies do her conversation was filled with highlights of those precious moments of the day. 
The wind grew louder and for a moment I thought of my run.  Even as I held that beautiful little creature, I thought for a moment of my need to run.  And then we kept talking.

As the storm finally broke and the rain began to fall I gathered my kids and headed home.  No homework done, no supper eaten, no run completed.  And unlike how I believe I would have usually felt, I was happy.  And that for me is a big change.

Soon my life will be filled with change.  Soon it will be even harder for me to be that helper to my sisters.  Soon my mother won't be just done the road.  Soon normal will be redefined.

Soon our address will be the next thing to change...


  1. That's a big change Shelly! I hope that it all rolls through smoothly and that once the dust settles you are happy in your new normal :)

  2. Change is hard sometimes but embrace it Shelly. It's all going to be just fine.

  3. I understand this post, all too well....you are awesome!

  4. Why do I know you'll manage it just fine?

  5. Where are you moving to?

    Sometimes family time just has to trump running time. Glad you enjoyed it!

  6. It is ironic that out of all the posts I am behind on I stumbled on yours and had to open it. What a beautiful post and it was nice to learn you too are a middle child. Change is so hard but you are strong and will handle it all beautifully!

  7. Change is always hard, but you are the toughest out there and you will make this work. ((hugs))